Christians and religious people. Do you really believe morals can only come from religion and holy books?

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    Dear yonahndre,

    For the Christian the Bible is where God shares his heart with us. We get our morals from putting our faith in God's promises and obeying Him. i know there are some who are "Bible-thumpers" and think that Christians don't have a sense of "right or wrong" without the Bible-- i think every person has a conscience but the problem is that our conscience's can be corrupted and Scripture is necessary for us to agree on what God's standard of morality is. Otherwise if there was no recorded Scripture and everyone kind of determined what was right or wrong you would have a lot of chaos.

    So the Bible gives us God's standards, but it isn't just a book of "do(s) and don't(s)" it's a book that tells us everything God wants us to know about Himself and how to have a relationship with Him where our lives would be characterized by God's righteousness and not our own standards of righteousness.

    Hope that helps. Kindly,


  • stbb
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    Most people think Confucianism is a religion, but in realty, it has no object of worship, just a set rules and moral conducts to help the Chinese to live harmoniously with others in this world.

    1.) Respect Heaven for its Unknown,

    2.) Respect your Emperor (Country),

    3.) Respect & honor your Parents,

    4.) Respect your Teachers,

    5.) Befriend your brothers and sisters,

    6.) Be kind to your friends, relatives, fellow countrymen, and strangers.

    7.) Be the abiding citizens and follow the rules and regulation of the country, proviance, city and community laws and practices.)

    Morals in this case does not comes from religion, but self and community monitoring, self induced moral and discipline conducts

    Source(s): Confucianism- Check internet for more details
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    Of course not. I'm a Christian, and feel that morality and religion are two separate issues. I've met too many non-religious people who lead moral lives to think otherwise.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Morals come from people's personal beliefs firstly, then they put them in books. I'm a non practicing Catholic, but I still get partially offended when Christians are seen as one big group, instead of the many sects that are there, as well as all very unreasonable and bible thumping.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes, definitely.

    The greatest principle of morality is love. Yes, God is LOVE, religion is LOVE, man's glory is LOVE.

    This is taught by the Messengers of the One True God, not only by words but also by Their acts of greatest sacrifice.

    So, when we refuse to learn from the Holy Books, we have no knowledge about love, we don't know why and how we can sacrify ourselves, and we judge other people for their different learning and practicing.

    Our ignorance constantly leads us to all sufferings. The loving God, continuously sends down His Messengers to bring down the divine knowledge for us to attain love, life and salvation.

    These words sound so simple, but the educational process is terribly complicated! That is why all success is glorious, because each individual has to make his intense and persistent effort.


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    Morality, for the most part, usually comes from the society a person lives in.

    What you have to look at is where society determined its morality from.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No: I think they can come from other sources. But I do believe that no morals, ethics or any laws could ever save humanity in and of themselves.

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    Not at all. I have a friend who started a very important 'Citizenship' programme in local primary schools that has been taken up very widely farther afield!

    His logic was that a good Citizen is likely to display very similar characteristics and behaviours to those of a good Christian.

    Some of the finest people I know and admire very deeply are not religious at all - but they are first class friends - and, of course, Citizens!

    oty x

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If they do, they are wrong. Moral codes have nothing to do with religion; they derive from evolution, which applies to societies as well as to species: a society which adheres to a sound moral code will survive preferably to one that does not. (Witness the demise of the Shakers, the Jonestown cult, and the Soviet Union.)

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    That is where I believe they've derived from, but they have since been copied and warped by various secular governments and now many morals are considered social contract theory.

    My reason is that I sadly doubt a human locked in a closet from birth- with little contact from the rest of the world- would display morals.

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