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Mr. P
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Mr. P asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 1 decade ago

Benazir Bhutto assassinated - How and why is the key.?

As a very popular person Mrs Bhutto was the leader of the PPP Pakistan peoples party.

She would have almost certainly won - and, being pro-people, would have diverted a lot of funding away from the militaty - which is highly developed in Pakistan, towards things usually at the bottom of the list - like healthcare and education.

She was actually safely in hiding untill the US wrote it into an agreement that she returned - which she did - she had to.

This same US after the assasination thought it would destabilise things so much - they would have to step in.

How helpful of them.

How many other agreements are they signing now?

The BBC states that Scotland Yard looked at the evidence in a full enquiry - and decided it was a bomb blast that killed her - They even had computer graphics on the BBC at the time of the announcement showing the whole lot BEFORE the enquiry.

..... So who was firing the gun caught on mobile phones? - and who was the sniper heard by crowds?


The New York Times paints a different view -

Update 2:

Strange how the pistol was washed clean by the police after finding it eh?

Update 3:

Can I just reitterate - that the first footage of the assassination clearly showed a 40yr old firing a pistol 4+ times at close range 4 seconds before the blast.

No rifle in a crowd - no room.

Other papers conclude it was a gunshot. Uk Scotland yard conclude it was a bomb........Helllo ??????

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    Well, Bhutto ran a dictatorship while in power, before be outsted during a coup in the 1990s. She failed to deliver on multiple election promises, and would not have been the saviour of Pakistan.

    How was she killed?

    She was too arrogant. There were warnings that she was facing an assasination attacks. However, she ignored this and paid the consequences with her life.

    What happened?

    A suicide bomber with a rifle shot her in the head first, then detonated himself, blowing himself, Bhutto, and several nearby bystanders up.

    Was she in hiding?

    Quite possibly when she wasn't making public appearances. Certainly, it would be the prudent thing to do.

    One wonders in light of this how long her son will last, and if he'll be more careful.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    how? with a bullet. or was it a bomb?

    why? because someone REALLY didn't like her.

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