Jehovah's Witnesses: Since there are many contradictions in your literature, you claim not to be inspired..

by God, you constantly change central doctrines and admit to "making mistakes" as to predictions of "the end of this system of things" why should A) Anyone take you seriously and B) Can you say for sure that what you are being taught now is the truth from God?


THA. The generation of 1914 was a central doctrine, to mention one. That has undergone quite a revision.

Update 2:

A lot of things that "used to be the truth" are no longer "the truth".

Update 3:

For example from: The Nations Shall Know That I Am Jehovah - How? 1971 p. 216:


9 Shortly, within our twentieth century, the “battle in the day of Jehovah” will begin against the modern antitype of Jerusalem, Christendom."

Was the truth in 1971, is no longer the truth.

Update 4:

ABDIJAH: "We make adjustments due to increased understanding as time goes by"

Why did God tell you or allow you to believe that Armageddon was coming in 1914 and when it didn't, you claim you misunderstood.

All of the "New Light" could have been revealed to you 100 years ago without the embarrasment of fli flopping.

Name one instance where it would have been harmful or in any way detrimental for "New Light" to have been revealed at the founding of the Watchtower Society, so all "truths" would have remained consistant all these years.

Update 5:

For example, the presant understanding of the "generation alive in 1914". Why didn't Jehovah reveal that to Russell?

How would it have been detrimental?

Update 6:

ABDIJAH: Those scriptures would more likely apply to an individual who learns progressively, not an organization.

Did Jehovah change Judaism? He gave the whole law and rules etc,. to Moses in one lump sum. Did King David, Elijah, or any of the prophets get "New Light"

No!! Judaism did not change. No "New Light" for the Jews. They got the whole religion at one time.

Update 7:

JESSICA: I was a Witness for 50 years. Your friend should be asking me questions.

Update 8:

THA: Armageddon is a central doctrine, predicted to come in 1914, 1941, 1975, "before the end of the 20th century" and now hinted to be coming in 2034.

-the generation alive in 1914 is a central doctrine.

- You mention blood transfusions, recent change up on that.

-Neutrality was a central doctrine.When I was of draft age, you couldn't do community servcice in lieu of the military, now you can.

Not enough space.

Update 9:

ABIJAH anf THA: Can you say for sure, that none of these central doctrines will change?

Update 10:

SOUPBONE: You get “most irrelevant” comment

Update 11:

THA: So how many differant things have JW;s changed about this all important date of 1914? Sure, you didn't change the date, just what it meant.



Update 12:

The funny thing is, as per usual the JW's do not answer the question. You are selecting certain things and harping on them, like "changes in central doctrine" and ignoring the rest.

Again, if you changed just one thing, why should anyone listen to you?

THA: answer my question about why the above quote from your literature was wrong. Isn't the 20th century over?

Update 13:

THA: the above quote from 1971 is WRONG about Armageddon, a Central Witness doctrine.

As far as changing often, "the truth" changes at leats once every ten years.

I am an Apostate, I am The Apostate Pope.

So what? Answer the questions.

Update 14:

WILL J said: "It would seem that God could give an organization the correct light from the beginning."

What else can you say? It would indeed seem so, wouldn't it?

Update 15:

THA: Seriously, get back on your meds.

Do I like all the bad stuff in the World? Of course not.

But, I do not delude myself and cling to an irrational group who change what they want you to believe frequently.

No one is so blind as one who WILL not see. If I was a member of any religion claiming God's exclusive approval and they said one thing like the above quote, in 1971, everything they said after that would be suspect.

Interestingly, the JW mind control works best on people with strong personalities. That's why it worked on me for so long.

Update 16:

NMB, did you actually read any of the above? Your response is a typical Witness knee jerk reaction?

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    That's why they are not inspired by the contradictions in their teaching, they are right they ain't inspired.

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't know why you would say that they constantly change central doctrines. They have changed two things. They thought the system of things would end in 1914 and were mistaken in their calculations. Secondly, they said that smoking was not a defilement of the flesh which was only because back then no one knew that smoking was bad for them.

    Their teachings are actually much more accurate than that of many other religions considering that they use God's name, Jehovah. Virtually all other Bibles have removed the name Jehovah.

    So many people speak badly of Jehovah's Witnesses but, they have no idea what they're all about. All they see is people dressed up coming to their front door on Saturday mornings. No one ever asks why but, instead shuns them right away. The religion of Jehovah's Witnesses requires much faith and I commend all of them for their efforts to lead a good life.

    Source(s): What up? said "Show me where on the original language the word Jehovah appears? That word does not even exists. It was a word made up so people would not mention YHWH. The YHWH is combined with the word adonai and that gives us Yahweh Not Jehovah" You are retarded. YHWH, Yahweh, Jehovah... it's all the same thing. All I know is would you rather be called Guy or Human instead of by your real name? Jehovah is what you get when you translate Yahweh to English. So shut your mouth and learn how to write.
  • 1 decade ago

    We make adjustments due to increased understanding as time goes by, just as the Bible says true believers would. (Psalm 97:11; 119:105; Proverbs 4:18)

    Our "central doctrines" have remained the same; they are solidly based upon Scripture.


    1. The soul is not immortal; it can die. - Ezekiel 18:4, 20

    2. Jesus is the Son of God, not God the Son. - Luke 1:32; Psalm 83:18; John 10:36; 17:3.

    3. Death, not eternal life, is the wages sin pays. - Romans 6:23.

    4. The majority will live on earth forever rather than in heaven. - Matthew 5:5; Psalm 37:9-11, 29.

    5. The wicked, not the righteous, are the ones who will be removed from the earth.- Proverbs 2:21, 22.

    Need any more examples? Got any questions about these?

    ADDED: Great job THA & my other brothers & sisters!

    I just have two more Scriptures to add that clearly shows that Jehovah's People would enter the last days without full knowledge, but would grow in knowledge as time went on: Daniel 12:3, 4 -

    "And the ones having insight will shine like the brightness of the expanse; and those who are bringing the many to righteousness, like the stars to time indefinite, even forever.

    And as for you, O Daniel, make secret the words and seal up the book, until the time of the end. Many will rove about, and the true knowledge will become abundant."

    That is one, the other, Habakkuk 2:3, is where we see that Jehovah's servants would be in premature expectation of the arrival of the end of this system of things, just as we were.

    "For the vision is yet for the appointed time, and it keeps panting on to the end, and it will not tell a lie. Even if it should delay, keep in expectation of it; for it will without fail come true. It will not be late."

    However, one should also note that it was Jehovah's Witnesses who were obediently keeping on the Watch, just as Jesus said that his followers would be doing. Please read also Matthew 24:37-39 & 42-44 & 25:13.

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    1 decade ago

    The blood THA talks about is the animal sacrificial blood. All firstborn animal blood that was to be sacrificed on God's alter belonged only to God. When other clans outside of the Israelites was practicing human sacrifice; that was a abomination to Jehovah God. Human blood is to sustain life. God gave Adam blood and God gave Eve part of Adam's blood. The law of God is if you kill another human and their blood cries out to God from the ground, the person that killed is an abomination to God. You can't take another human blood by murdering them. You can't eat the blood of an animal. The animal blood must be drained. I know some people eat things like blood sausage and blood meat (meat fried in the pan with blood). That is an abomination to God. Also a woman that has her monthly cycle, the husband cannot touch her or he defiles her and him. That blood also must be drained for 7 days. Of course everyone this in my own opinion because I am not God. O.K. Comprande?

    Now a JW will say I am wrong. If that is the case, then explain to me about Adam's rib *bone* to create Eve.

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    1 decade ago

    I'm an atheist but I'm going to defend ( a little) the JW's because they're still an underdog in the big stupid mess that is christianity.Here's my defense:mainstream christians have been saying for centuries that the 2nd coming is right around the corner but in an indefinite sense.Never "march 22nd, saturday , 4 PM, Jesus will return to the mound with the olive tree" but always "soon".As for making mistakes- at least they can admit to making them.Mainstreamers can't even master that simple trick.As for A) no one with a commitment to thinking as a virtue takes mainstream christianity seriously except as a threat to freedom and science and B) truth from God- mainstreamers have been selectively quoting the bible for centuries so to go AGAINST 'God's ' plan so how can you claim to care what God's truth is?

    Source(s): Atheist.
  • 1 decade ago

    You are inaccurate when you say "you CONSTANTLY change central doctrines", but you know that. It's just you're way of trying to create something from nothing.

    Still, yes, when our understanding of a thing becomes clearer, we are humble enough to admit it and make the correction.

    No one has tried to 'predict' the exact date of this system's end. We know, as do many others, that we are deep in the end times. When is a bit of information that only Jehovah knows.

    A) those who see the truth are being drawn by Jehovah(all we do is plant the seed)

    B) Yes, I can say for sure.

  • didieu
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    4 years ago

    The act of being disfellowshipped is a harsh diploma: Paul likened it to handing a individual over to devil to be certain that them to be disciplined via the annoying adventure. using fact of its severity, disfellowshipping can the two make or injury the guy—counting on how they for my section reply to the self-discipline. while a guy in Corinth grew to become into unrepentantly immoral, Paul instructed the congregation: "end blending in company with all people referred to as a brother it incredibly is a fornicator or a grasping individual or an idolater or a reviler or a drunkard or an extortioner, no longer even ingesting with one in all those guy." (a million Corinthians 5:11-13) a similar grew to become into to happen with apostates, including Hymenaeus: "As for a guy that promotes a sect, reject him after a favourite and a 2d admonition; understanding that one in all those guy has been grew to become out of how and is sinning." (Titus 3:10, 11; a million Timothy a million:19, 20) Such shunning could be applicable, too, for all people who rejects the congregation: "They went out from us, yet they weren't of our type; for if that they have been of our type, they could have remained with us. yet they went out that that's shown up that no longer all are of our type."—a million John 2:18, 19. with a bit of luck, one in all those one will repent so as that he may well be prevalent back. (Acts 3:19)

  • NMB
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    1 decade ago

    "Constantly changing central doctrines"

    Exactly what 'central doctrines' have changed?

    We still teach that Jehovah 's God don't we?

    We still teach that Jesus is God's Son, not "God the Son" don't we?

    Still no burning torment in Hell?

    Hmm, just as I thought, nothing central to what Jehovah's Witnesses teach and believe has changed. Why are you making up "questions" like this?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I got visited by Jehovah Witnesses a couple of weeks ago. They also left some literature with me that seemed contradictory.

    In particular, one phamphlet said that "in all of its 1183 pages, the bible does not make a single scientific mistake."

    I thought that was wrong at first. But then I thought about it. Their statement is exactly correct. The bible does not make a single scientific mistake. It makes hundreds.

    a) the bat is a bird (Lev. 11:19, Deut. 14:11, 18);

    (b) Some fowls are four-footed (Lev. 11:20-21);

    (c) Some creeping insects have four legs. (Lev. 11:22-23);

    (d) Hares chew the cud (Lev. 11:6);

    (e) Conies chew the cud (Lev. 11:5);

    (f) Camels don't divide the hoof (Lev. 11:4);

    (g) The earth was formed out of and by means of water (2 Peter 3:5 RSV);

    (h) The earth rest on pillars (1 Sam. 2:8);

    (i) The earth won't be moved (1Chron. 16:30);

    (j) A hare does not divide the hoof (Deut. 14:7);

    (k) The rainbow is not as old as rain and sunshine (Gen. 9:13);

    (l) A mustard seed is the smallest of all seeds and grows into the greatest of all shrubs (Matt. 13:31-32 RSV);

    (m) Turtles have voices (Song of Sol. 2:12);

    (n) The earth has ends or edges (Job 37:3);

    (o) The earth has four corners (Isa. 11:12, Rev. 7:1);

    (p) Some 4-legged animals fly (Lev. 11:21);

    (q) The world's language didn't evolve but appeared suddenly (Gen. 11:6-9; and

    (r) A fetus can understand speech (Luke 1:44).

    And here are a list of animals claimed by the bible to have existed:

    cockatrices (Jer. 8:17, Isa. 11:8 59:5),

    unicorns (Deut. 33:17, Psalms 22:21. 29:6, Job 39:9-10),

    satyrs (Isa. 34:14, 13:21)

    fiery serpents (Num. 21:6),

    and flying serpents (Isa. 14:29, 30:6).

  • 1 decade ago

    I am not a Witness.

    This is but another question asked by someone that has no idea of what this organization is and has probably never been to a meeting at the Kingdom Hall and answer from the same.

  • 1 decade ago

    Gina Marie said"Their teachings are actually much more accurate than that of many other religions considering that they use God's name, Jehovah. Virtually all other Bibles have removed the name Jehovah. "

    Show me where on the original language the word Jehovah appears? That word does not even exists. It was a word made up so people would not mention YHWH. The YHWH is combined with the word adonai and that gives us Yahweh Not


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