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What is your home city and what is it famous for???

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    birds eye


    bausch and lomb

    frenches mustard

    Rochester Institute of Technology


    gannett newspaper

    western union

    Jolt Cola

    JW Dundee's brand (Honey Brown)

    Arbor Mist wines

    Heluva Good Cheeses

    Seneca Foods

    Francesco Rinaldi

    Wegmans Grocery store chain, it has been ranked the best grocery store in America by Consumer Reports and Food Network

    Zweigles Hotdogs

  • Warren
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    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Famous for Steel. 150 years of smoke and grime because of all the steel being manufactured, where Andrew Carnegie and Henry Frick lived while they made their millions. Now famous for technology , advances in medicine and sports teams football the Steelers, hockey the Penguins, and once great baseball the Pirates, though they have been pretty bad the last 15 years or so. Pittsburgh occassionally is named The Most Livable City in America from time to time.. Sadly these days it is becoming well known for the violent crime especially among youth.

    Oh yeah, don't forget, Heinz...ketchup, soup, etc

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    Bombay (now called Mumbai) India.

    Capital of the State Maharashtra. India's commercial capital and it's largest city. A city that never sleeps.

    Over crowded with an over burdened infrastructure

    Dirty and squalid, a sorry mess of a place.

    Where the rich are very rich and the poor very poor.

    Home of Bollywood, that produces the largest number of films in the world. Has a beautiful seafront .

    But once you settle down here, you wouldn't want to leave it.

  • Nona
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    Tel Aviv.

    It's famous for a couple of things:

    - Second largest city in Israel

    - Known as the city that never sleeps

    - Nightlife

    - Bauhaus buildings

    - The "White City"

    - Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

    - The country's cultural capital

    - The three largest newspapers in Israel are published in Tel Aviv

    - Jaffa

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    LaPorte Indiana

    Allis Chalmers

    American home Foods/ chef boyardee, jiffy pop

    Our old buidings on the main street

    Our Lakes

    And the nearby Blue Chip Casino

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    Duuuuuuude! Santa Monica, California! Known for being the home of Chrissy, Jack, and Janet on "Three's Company!"

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    Shimoga. And its famous for a whole lot of reasons, the best being ME :D

  • Anonymous
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    Fort Smith, Arkansas

    Home of.... hmmm. Back in the 1800s they had a judge who hanged more men than anyone else. And some women, too. I think that's all.

    But now I live in Fayetteville, Arkansas, home of the Razorbacks, neighbor to Tyson and Wal-Mart headquarters. Woo!

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    WASHINGTON, the evergreen state. rain, apples, Starbucks, Boeing, wood everywhere, the hollow needle, pike place fish industry, Frasier, Sleepless in Seattle, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, loss of life Cab for Cutie, Jimi Hendrix

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    Peak Hill is another one of our agriculturally-based towns which owes its beginning to the gold rushes of the mid- to late-1800s.

    Not exactly famous, just factual.

    Source(s): That's in New South Wales, Australia.
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