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what is the difference between pedigree and non pedigree?

I am about to buy a puppy and it states "non pedigree" but her father is a show dog. I have seen both parents and they are beautiful. Should I still buy?

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    Kindly click on the link below and browse through and then decide .

    Non-pedigreed animals are cheaper that is the advantage .

    Unless you are in Kennel business ,a non-pedigreed dog if it is othewise of good temper and in shipshape condition , is a good buy !!


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    ALL dogs have a pedigree, even the most mixed up mutt in the world! A pedigree is just the family tree, so presumably non-pedigree should mean unregistered, ie. not recognised by the Kennel Club as a purebred dog with a traceable pedigree. If you only want a pet and know what you want, that's fine IF you know that the parents have been tested for the known hereditary diseases in that breed (most breeds have them)

    I would also want to know why they aren't registered if the parents are purebred. Is the Mum too young or too old to have a litter registered? Or has she had too many pups already?

    Ask some questions before buying and don't pay too much.

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    Even you have a pedigree. If you find a dog that does not have a pedigree science will be hard pressed to explain it's existence.

    All a written pedigree does is say who the ancestors are, it doesn't necessarily say what they are. The dogs *registration* is a completely different thing, and does say what a puppy is and what it's parents were.

    If the person with the puppies doesn't even know what the difference between a registration and a pedigree is I would wonder if they have any idea about what testing for genetic problems is all about.

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    I wouldn't pay what a pure bred costs at all without it being pedigree. The reason for this is.....though not "full proof" a pedigree is somewhat an attempt that shows you the heritage of your dog. Without knowing the breeding of the animal you could be getting inbred dogs...dogs with health issues, just more uncertainties with a non pedigree full blood, it may not even be full blood as claimed for all you know...

    Now there are some dogs that are not registered for other reasons such as...one animal may be part of the hybrid association (mostly german shepard) and the other full blood registered with the akc as a german, but the pups would not be rigsterable with the akc if one parent was a hybrid.

    I wouldn't pay what a full blood cost at all if I wasn't sure it was...I'd choose a rescue or shelter pup instead.......

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    A pedigree is nothing more and nothing less than a family tree.

    "Non pedigreed" would probably mean that the breeder doesn't have any knowledge of the bloodline beyond the sire and dam.

    If you're not breeding or showing the pup, it really doesn't matter.

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    Papers are not always reliable anyways, It is very easy to fraud the paper system to paper non pedigree dogs. Papers add value to the dog but if your smart you will go for the breed standard of the parents. Read up on the breed standard, like height, temprament, colour, jaw line and so on and if the parents comfirm with the breed standard you have a nice pure breed dog. Papers are generally for people who want to breed or are insecure about there dog knowledge, i once got a english bull terrier with papers and i can tell you it was not a english bull terrier at all, i think what the breeder did was held on to papers from a english bullie which maybe died years ago and then bred a english bullie with a staff and used the papers from a previous bullie to match them up. Always see the parents and always check the standard.

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    For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/aw2YR

    With a pedigree dog, you know the lineage. You can see who his parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and most of his relatives are. With a non-pedigree dog, you don't have any proof of his ancestry.

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    Pedigree means they have the family history of the puppies to show that it is a true purebred, if they are lovely get them. You often find with pedigrees because they are selectively breed for colours and markings you get a lot of inbred defects. E.g our retriever had terrible skin and allergies and the one before that had bad hips. so sometimes a cross is better.

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    If both of the parents are not of the exact same breed this specifies 'non-pedigree' if they are the same breed but one parent is not Kennel Club registered then this means the pups are called 'non-breed' too but you cannot breed and register the pups,this means you cannot sell any pups as breed pups or show your pup. This is Kennel Club snobery and madness,if you have seen and fallen in love with this pup then buy her and enjoy life with her regardless!!!

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    Papers, bloodlines, markings, quality, size, form, structure, able to enter shows,

    This is mainly for people who want to breed or enter dog shows, or people looking for specific qualities in a dog.

    All dogs are wonderful , full breed or not!!!!!!

    Hope this helped

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