I want to convert to Islam but I'm scared of telling my Mum?(I know it's long but please answer)?

I'm 15 and I'm currently Christian and I'm really into science and I do believe there is a God and only one God but I am very open minded to other peoples belief and I'm not going to try and say that if you have a load of Gods you're wrong, that's your way of life and your own choice and I believe everyone has the right to their religion. I wasn't actually looking for proof, I was studying time travel theories cos it interests me and I'd like to come up with the perfect time travel theory that doesn't include nuclear energy and I'm current working on my own equation for time travel and it works and makes perfect sense so far based on other theories, but I was watching this documentry and they were saying that time is so vast and so powerful and that how fast technology is progressing that this Earth could possibly just be a computer programme(ok I don't believe that) but they said that for an energy as powerful as time to exist there must be a higher being, a creature with no beginning and no end and for me that's God and was way before I came accross this, but as you've figured I'm very into the science of things and the Bible is way too far fetched, the things that happen in it, some of it I can't believe, mainly the creation story, and to be part of a religion you need to believe all of it and quite frankly, I can't believe Christianity.

Now, I'm not Catholic and to be honest I'm not properly Christian, I'm part of a Christian Church but I still have the choice of my religion so I don't have to actually convert, but I go to a Catholic School and we had an Islam Awareness Week and this mobile exhibit from Rotheram set up in the school for a week and they showed all the Islamic beliefs and prophets and I came over a science section and it showed the Islamic Creation Story and how it was simular to the Big Bang and it covered other beliefs of Islam and showed how they matched with modern day science and I can believe it as none of it is as far fetched as the bible, the bible is like a fairy-tale compared to the Quran and I really want to convert to Islam, as I believe it is the right faith for me but I live in the UK and as you probably know the media is blinded by the fact of Al-queda(I don't know how to spell it) doing their terrorist bombing when they're only a tiny part of Islam and most my mates hate Islam and alot of their parents hate Isalm because of the media and I'm afraid if I open my mouth my Mum will be the same, no matter how understanding my Dad says my Mum is, I don't think she'll like it.

What can I do, cos if I can't change religion now I'll change at 16 but I'd like to convert sometime before I'm 16.

What should I do?

I did try hinting it to her by telling her how believeable I find the Quran but that didn't work.


Science has no God, I believe in a God, and if your gonna listen to the ******* media get lost and don't answer this question.

Update 2:

Yeah but there belief of how the Universe was created as shown in the exhibited set up by Muslims it's very simular to the big bang theory.

Update 3:

Yeah, I'm not sexist you sexist morons coming here, sexism is nothing great and when I do convert I am still keeping my somewhat hopefully feminist ways as I hope to join a feminist group when I'm older.

Update 4:

My girlfriend is Muslim anyway and she has told me about alot of the beliefs and the culture.

Update 5:

Just to correct someone about time, time isn't just orbit, it is based on the speed of an object, its atom movements and where it is in the Universe, some place time stops, some speeds time stops, Eistien has proved it about speed.

Update 6:

Islam Awareness Week was ages ago, I thought about this for a long time, I've told my girlfriend about it and she says she'll help me if I have questions so.

Update 7:

Last person to answer, read about Jesus in the gospel, yeah I'll do that cos Christian churchs have stopped preaching about Jesus, NOT. IKNOW ABOUT Jesus(PBUH) CHRIST AND I KNOW ABOUT Muhammed(PBUH).

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    well thats is pretty interesting,and the first step to convert wont take 10 seconds...but the important thing is to be sure 100000% of what do u really want coze changing ur mind after converting becoze u didnt like that muslims dont drink or eat pig...then it would be a problem...coze there is no option to be a christian again....but i believe that when u believe that there is one God....like so sure about it u ll believe that there is one book which hasnt been changed and when u ll read this book u ll believe that there is a Prophet who is called by mohammed (pbuh),and when u ll believe in him u ll believe that he said somethings which explain the holy book...and so on and when u ll believe in all of these stuff it will be so easily ready to do whatever what u ll God will asked u to do either by his book or by his prophet....u just need to know more and i am sure u ll like it and ill be always right here for help!!

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    I think you need to know more about Islam what you would be committing to. I am Muslim, male and accepted Islam almost 8 months ago (I'm 18), but there is more to Islam than scientific accuracy, and the Oneness of God.

    Best thing to do is to talk to a knowledgeable Muslim, an imam would be a good bet, and also this website is very good


    My advice to you is don't rush into anything, most converts that leave soon after are the one that convert for love then the relationship falls apart, and they leave Islam, or if people rush into Islam and overwhelm themselves one way or another.

    May Allah guide you brother, u can message me if you want as well I am a convert form Christianity to Islam.

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    Well in my opinion you are too young. If you are really determined to convert, then what if you convert when your older? I don't know if your mom will accept that because she's a Christian right? I mean thats the logical response. Thats all I'm gonna tell you because I can't really answer that question. And I guess the answer is the ever so mysterious saying "It's all up to you". Though it sounds so common that its ridicilous, it is ironicly the answer. If you really want to do it then go for it. Go where your heart really tells you. You are the driver seat of your life. I experience a situation like this before but my loyalty for Christianity got the best of me so I learned to ignore the 'temptations'.

    Source(s): Experience, my imagination
  • 5 years ago

    I live in America. Here kids are kids until they're 18. Their parents are responsible for them till 18 so kids like yourself haven't the wherewithall to make their own decisions. Then to know that the mind doesn't actually start to mature till 21 or 22 well I'd say you're too young to make any 70 year decision cause once a muslim you can't go back home, you can't change back to Catholic or atheist or make a change and the rules in the muslim religion are strict. Rather than being scared of telling your mum you should be scared of the muslim religion. Your immaturity shows bigtime. Plus it seems all you want to do is argue. That's a bad sign.

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  • 4 years ago

    So you want to join a religion that treats dogs better than women. A cruel religion that hangs little children in the street because they farted on a Sunday or some equally bad thing. A religion that tells husbands to beat their wives with a tree branch. A religion that promotes throwing acid in a woman's face. A religion that always takes the man's side. a religion that will behead a wife if her husband is unfaithful. At least, you won't have to worry about the cost of hairdressers anymore. Your head will be covered always unless you lose it of course. You madam are a raving loony tune.

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    lol, I know it's long, and I've read what you've written.

    I'm a Muslim and I get loads of crap for who I am, but I suppose I can deal with it, 'cause I've had plenty of time to get used to it - in fact, this was since I was born.

    You'd probably think I'm the last person on Earth that would want you to think about it... and think about it seriously. I know many Muslims would be ecstatic, and I am too, but think very seriously about it. I wouldn't want you to convert to Islam, not like it, then convert to Buddhism, not like it, and then convert to some other religion!

    Islam is serious, and when I mean serious, I mean that it's a complete way of life. If you think you're ready to live your life according to Islam, then, and only then, convert.

    And about the issue with your Mom, many people will stand in your way. lol, I bet a good load of the answers you're getting for this question are saying stuff like 'you're crazy' and 'why would anyone wanna convert to Islam?'

    Just think about it and then convert.

  • Karen
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    4 years ago

    1) Not at all. We're all followers of God, equal to each other. 2) No, I have met some converts who are more attached to Allah and the Quran than people born Muslims. We just say 'Alhamdulillah - Thanks be to God" when someone tells us he converted to Islam :) 3) Go to a Mosque and say the Shahada in front of people. (In Arabic). "There is no deity but God, and Muhammad is the Messenger of God" 4) Join classes to learn more, if you can manage it. 5) If you're not comfortable wearing the Hijab (Which is encouraged), make sure you dress modest. No tight stuff, cover your breast area and perhaps wear a long top to cover your bottom. 6) You can keep your piercings! 7) Islam never encouraged or supported honor killings and stoning. Some governments support that and that's it. The Quran does not tell people "To commit suicide in the name of God". Any person kills himself does not enter Heaven. 8) Yes! We're taught that we are all equal - Our race has nothing to do with us being just human beings. There are sites you can read the Quran in English. Good luck in every thing you're trying to do. God forgives all of your past sins if you convert to Islam. :-)

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    Hi, you are a very bright young man. I think you need a few more thoughts to think about before you make that choice.

    First, the Jewish scriptures came thousands of years before the Koran did. This is why thier stories are similar. There is no shame in this for as a Christian I know that the Jewish story of creation came from the Chaldeans. And this point is necessary because Abraham came from that part of the country. And shared the creation and flood stories with his chidren who were Isaac and Ismael. Isaac being the father of the Isrealites and Ishamel the Arabs.

    Secondly the people of faith believed that God created the universe and the earth for thousands of years before learned scientists could even comment on it. That knowledge was passed on as stories and most if not all ancient civiliatzions and cultures thourhout the world had this knowledge passed on as fables and myths. But it was based on fact, that God told man's first parents. It was only less than 100 years ago that Hubble confirmed that and in the 1960s comsic background radion particles of those early moments were discovered that confirmed to the scientific community that the earth had a beginning.

    Third, Albert Einstein proposed a time travel in his theory of relativity. That when one approaches the speed of light time would slow down. In the Bible we read how two thousand years ago Jesus ascended into heaven after his ressurection. And two angels told the crowd this same would come back to earth, the same way. Jesus Christ would come back to earth virtually unchanged through time.

    True science confirms religous faith always. So I say stay with religion. As for me I am Christain. I hope you and your girl friend make the best choice for not just your physical future on earth but your spiritual one as well.

    Below is some links that defines the differences between the Sunni and Shia moslems.

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    You asked this before: asking on YA is not going to help you, especially if you start off by offending one of the most widely-held religions. All you're going to get is a load of people telling you their views.

    You can choose how closely to follow your religion: Darwin was a Christian, he just didn't believe the creation story. Yes, the Bible may, at times seem a little far-fetched but then, perhaps you oughtn't try to be a literalist christian: the bible can be seen as a collection of fables and parables: stories to help us better understand life. This can extend even to gods.

    If you do want to be a Muslim, you needn't tell everyone immediately. You can be a Muslim merely by following their beliefs: something spiritual and mental with no necessary outward sign. Of course, in this case, you probably won't be able to take part in ceremonious events or attend Mosque but the intrinsic belief will be there and that is what is of the greatest importance.

    If you do, however, mean to practice a very outward Islamic life, you will eventually have to tell your mother. Don't criticize Christianity (presumably her religion) or go on about the greatness of Islam. Although these may be your feelings, she may find them insulting to her own. As long as you don't let your religion come between you and your friends and family, you should be alright.

    Source(s): I'm not going to try and persuade you to change your beliefs or encourage you to follow others (for one, because everyone else seems to have done this already) but also because I think it is your decision and, if you have truly made up your mind, no one on here can change it. Good luck.
  • DJ
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    4 years ago

    Don't do it. It is a trap. Don't trample the gift of God, which is salvation. There are passages in Hebrews Chapters 6 & 10 (don't remember the verse numbers) and 2 Peter Chapter 2 that address this.

    Now, if you are already a Christian, stay in the faith. Do not turn away from the faith and join a false religion, which is trampling the gift of God. It's not worth it to be eternally condemned. You should be aware that if you follow through with this, you will spend eternity in Hell. Read those chapters in the Bible that I referred you to.

    One you should fear is God, who can destroy both body and soul in Hell. Don't commit treason. You will be that which is cut off and without remedy.

    Here in America, if you commit treason, you get the death penalty. And no reversal course of action. If you commit treason against God, you will be condemned to Hell. And it will not be reversed. Heed this warning: You're on dangerous ground. Satan is crouching behind the door to try & ensnare you in sin

    Source(s): Don't fall for it.
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