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Debarking your dog?

I need a solution to my dog constantly barking. I have the neighbors and police complaining. The dog barks while I am away and I don't know what to do. I love my dog too much to give him away.






Update 2:

Bark Collars do not seem to work that well.....Any other solutions?

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    You can try getting a devise in which when ever your dog barks the devise emits a high pitch squeal to make the dog stop barking as soon as they hear it. Please do not consider muzzling your dog.

    A dog cannot be muzzled for long periods of time. They need to be able to drink water. The muzzle enables your dog to breathe properly if it were to be left on. A muzzle is to be used only for a few minutes at a time. Maybe can be left on safely for an half an hour at the most.

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    Okay, I know I will get thumbs down on this one. I owned Shelties and the big thing in California was getting them debarked if you owned alot of them. Two of the shelties that I got, were already debarked, and two I had debarked. The procedure is quick and it gives them a sore throat for acouple of days. All they do is put them under, poke a hole in the vocal cord and then bring them right back out of it. BUT, the thing is, you have to keep them quiet for acouple of weeks, or the scar tissue will go over the hole and the bark will be back. What is worse, people yelling and screaming at the dog to shut up all the time, or do the debarking. It didn't bother the dogs any. The last time I did that was over 11 years ago. I only did the two, because I was going to be moving into an apartment. Otherwise I wouldn't have done it.

    To get a solution to your dog constantly barking, you have to know why the dog is barking. Can't correct it if you can't figure that out. You can't be that busy where you can't get a trainer out to your house to see why the dog is doing all of the barking. Is it a frustration, anxiety, boredom?

    Can you just put the dog inside the house when you leave?

    Can you put your dog into a doggy daycamp acouple times a day so that he can play all day to wear him out?

    There is no quick solutions. Even if you had him debarked, if you can't keep him quiet now, how are you going to keep him quiet for those two weeks? It would be a waste of time.

    Finding a veterinarian to do the debarking is hard to find. Absolutely NO MUZZLE. It would stress him out even more also.

    Here is something to think about. When you are at home, how much praising do you actually do when he is NOT barking? When you are home I want you to praise for anytime he is quiet. If he hears a noise, I want you to tell him what the noise it, and praise him for not barking. Every single time. I find that it really helps with my students dogs. The more you yell at the dog for barking, the more the dog thinks that you are barking right back. Calmly, matter of fact, tell him, not working with the mouth. When you are doing this, you have taken him by the collar. He does it again, tell him, calmly, too bad. and take him to his kennel for about 3 minutes. Let him out and keep doubling the minutes. He will catch on. Just keep calm about it. This would be a simple thing to do, and it doesn't take much time. Nothing works overnight tho. Make a chart, and record daily. Don't harp on him still barking, but you will see it will lessen.

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    Do not use a muzzle! I know first hand that many dogs have suffocated, overheated and died with a muzzle being on too long & too tight esp. if it was intented to prevent the dog from barking!

    Its possible your dog might have a form of seperation anxiety and your vet might best be able to help you in that area (as far as methods, medications and other ways to relax your pet). Also little tip from someone who has a dog with severe seperation anxiety - make sure you are giving your dog enogh exercise and toys. This will help wear them out and provide them a release for all that pent up frustration and energy.

    Its very possible this has become a habbit and really the only 100% way of fixing this problem is a specific behavior modification and that will require you working with your dog. I would recommend finding a behaviorist to help you fix the problem long term.

    Meanwhile you can try some other solutions! Here are some links for you to look at some tempory solutions.



    This collar offers a little static shock - but you will have to start training the dog the shock means no barking. It will not take long.


    This link has a whole bunch of training aids.


    Please remember these are temporty solutions, the only way to completely correct this issue is to apply behaivor modification with the training aids.

    You can also do a surgical proceedure called de-barking, but it has many complications and many times is not worth the risk. If you feel this is an option you want to look into, its best you talk to your veterinarian who can best assess the dog and weigh the pros and cons for you and your pet!

    I hope you do find a solution to your problem and that you have really looked into your options and finding whats best for your pet and yourself.

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    Your dog is probably displaying separation anxiety and is vocalizing this in hopes of calling his "pack" back. You can try to crate training, which eventually will help him feel more secure. But also ensure he has plenty of exercise, I'd say before you head out for the day and then in the PM when you get home. If the separation anxiety is too severe, the vet can prescribe meds that may help like Clomicalm. You can also try bark collars or ones that emit citronella when the dog barks too much, have you thought of getting your dog a companionn? Maybe he is just lonely. Unfortunately there is no quick answer, and it will take training. But if you are committed, then you can figure out a plan that will work for you. Because you Love your dog, so you can make the time for training and understanding your dog's needs.

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    So let me get this straight....you love your dog too much to give him away but you AREN'T willing to take time to train him not to bark....and you ARE willing to cut his vocal cords, shock him with a collar, tie his mouth shut all day so he is unable to eat or drink.....I'm not seeing where this love is.

    First of all debarking does not stop them from making noise. Dogs can still "bark", it isn't normal, it is like....barking with a sore throat, very gravely and hoarse sounding and slightly lower in volume, but just as annoying. Debarking can have all sorts of complications and permanent damage to the mouth and throat.

    No, they cannot eat or drink with a muzzle..it holds their mouth shut, your dog wouldn't even be able to pant with it on if he got too hot. Leavening a muzzle on all day can cause him to be hurt either trying to get the muzzle off or catching the muzzle on something in your yard or house. Bucket muzzles, which allow the dog to open his mouth could allow him to drink, but then he would also be barking.

    If you can't leave your dog in the house while you are gone, then take him to a dog day care while you are away. They are usually inexpensive for short term and he can interact with other dogs, getting exercise and attention.

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    Muzzles do not prevent barking... they will prevent him from eating/drinking properly and from panting.

    Muzzles should NEVER be used when a dog is unattended.

    Your dog is barking because he's bored and lonely. Try walking him for a good half hour or more before you leave, and again when you come home.

    Get a pet-sitter.. or someone to come walk him once or twice while you are gone.

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    You should not leave a dog muzzled all day. You should not leave a muzzle on a dog when you are not there to supervise.. Get a bark collar.

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    Can you bring your dog inside and crate him during the day instead of leaving him in the yard? Often crated dogs will simply sleep through the day while dogs left outside will become frustrated and bark at every little thing. Give it some thought. It might just solve your problem immediately.

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    As a professional dog trainer for over 16 years, I have to tell you my strong opinion that you need these group classes for obedience training. http://OnlineDogTraining.enle.info/?SU6v

    Other pet warehouses are there to get you to buy their products and hang around their strore. And their trainers are their employees...never forget they have an agenda. Most of the trainers have very little education--if they had actual training and skills they wouldn't be there making just over minimum wage--trust me on this. But even if they did have experience and talent...a group setting is a terrible place for learning to take place. It's distraction training and it is the LAST phase of training not the first. You wouldn't have your child try to do their homework in a toy store, would you? Of course not...the level of distraction would be too high! It's the same with dogs. Having said that, these classes can be an excellent way to socialize dogs...but not to train them. And while they appear to be cheaper than a professional trainer...you have to attend many more sessions to get the same results because of the poor learning environment--so you wind up spending MORE money for less training than you would with a professional. Save your money and go to someone who actually knows how to train dogs. OR, read books and try to train your dog yourself. There is nothing they train at a Petsmart or Petco that you can't do yourself with a couple of hours of reading.

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