Mobile phones pls pls pls help UK only?

My contract with 3 is shortly due to expire, Im due for an upgrade and really like the spec of samsung f300 (beyonce phone) however, 3 do not supply this handset, can somebody pls tell me a similar phone i can get with 3 as I do wish to stay with them. I do not wish to exceed 25.35.00 per month. This question will only apply to ppl within the UK.


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    Hi there, Sorry but the F300 Mobile phone is not that much of a great handset.

    The reason that the THREE network do not do that handset is simply because they only sell 3G handsets and the F300 is not one of them. On the other hand the Sony Ericsson W880i is and it is just as slim and has Music software on the handset with a 2MP camera.

    The other option is the Nokia 6500 classic, that handset has again got a 2MP camera but this one has an internal memory of 1GB so there is plenty of storage for music, pictures and videos on this handset.

    I hope this has helped you out but due to the fact that the THREE network can only sell 3G handsets, their portfolio of handsets is always VERY limited as many manufacturers dont make a huge number of them at the moment.


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