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Once I complete my Accounting courses: AAT levels 2, 3 and 4, where can I go to study ACCA?

I'm currently studying AAT Accounting NVQ 2, I intend on completing this course and the next until I am a Associate Accounting Technician.

Once I have done this, I want to further my education by enrolling and completing the ACCA course. Many people I've spoken to have explained how difficult it can be, I am prepared for the challenge.

At the moment, I am researching about the ACCA course but most importantly, I need to find out WHERE I can take it.

Is there a website that shows which universities or private colleges that allow you to study ACCA in London, UK? I need to know, any help and advice would be much appreciated.


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    Check the following sites!!!

    1.ACCA UK

    Study and train to become an ACCA professional accountant in the UK and gain a qualification that is in demand worldwide ... Corporate in London [more about the ... - 10k - Cached

    2.LSBF - Study ACCA in London, UK. ACCA Courses London. Get ACCA Degree

    London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) offers ACCA programme ... Masters in International Business (MIB)+ ACCA. BSc in Applied Accounting. MBA in ... - 50k - Cached

    3.LSBF - Study MBA, ACCA, CIMA, CIM London, UK. Financial Courses London

    ... a range of innovative

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    Currently there are 73 of colleges in London Area Offering ACCA courses.Following is the list of only Platium and Gold tuition Providers

    Kaplan Financial - London (Platinum)

    London College of Accountancy (Platinum)

    BPP Professional Education - London (Platinum)

    London Crown College (Gold)

    7City Learning (Gold)

    Marcus Evans Financial Training -(Gold)

    BPP Professional Education - Distance Learning BPP (Gold)

    First Intuition County House (Gold)

    London School of Accountancy & Management (Gold)

    London School of Business & Finance (Gold)

    Fordetailed list, contact details and addresses and More Search options visit the ACCA global site.

    For ACCA Jobs you can visit

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    London School of Economics? They have loads of different courses to do with accounting and finacne. Look through their website. =]

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