Can someone help please.?

My friend brought up a wonderful question. and i didnt know how to respond. so maybe one of you can enlighten us on the answer.

When you show someone that you love them but they do not see. then how do you show someone that you love them?


Thank you for all your answers. I will relay them to my friend. All of what you have said makes sense. I just didnt know what to tell her.

Update 2:

Maybe she will see what she might be doing wrong and improve her marriage. I just wanted to say thanks again.

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    I feel for your friend. I have been in that boat before with my husband.

    Things are now getting a little better because I read a book on the 5 Love languages. Someone above has already written what they are but in the book it tells you in detail what you can do for that person and how you can figure out if it is their primary love language. Once when you know what their primary love language is then you start to express it to them as well as with the other 4 love languages. That will fill up his love tank and then he will feel loved. Marriage is a lot of work so tell you friend to keep working at it and everything will be fine.

    For the part of your question of him not being able to see her love. She is probably speaking to him in a love language that is her primary love language and its not his so he doesn't understand it. Like for example if you don't know Spanish and some one starts to talk to you and tell you they love you in Spanish you will have no clue what they are saying but if they say it in English you will know what they are saying. So right now your friend may be speaking in a forign language to express her love to her husband.

    If I were you I would tell your friend to go and get that book it has great reviews and it also has helped other marriages.

    If you or your friend has any other questions please email me. :o)

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    There are several different ways that people give and recieve love...

    1. Giving and reicieving gifts- people with this one communicate love by giving gifts- all the time- not necesarily a high priced item- but even little stuff- when they recieve gifts from others- it is a really big deal to them...

    2. Acts of Service- people who communicate love like this really like to DO things for people... clean up stuff for them... take care of errands... this is how they communicate love

    3. Words of Affirmation- these people enjoy the talking side of love and they really appreciate when you tell them things that encourages them- and they are verbal encouragers too...

    4. Touch- some people communicate love by touch- not sexual or anything - but things such as hugs... they are always hugging people, patting people on the shoulder etc...

    5. Quality time- these people enjoy spending time together with someone having meaningful conversations...

    I'd figure out which one is your friend and do that for them more- they will understand the love you are trying to communicate because whatever a person is primarily- they will do that to others and will enjoy recieving that kind of love back too...

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    Everyone has their own way of showing others love, and the person being loved just might not understand the other persons style. People love and show love the way they know how to, not always in the way people would expect.

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    Get your friend The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands by Dr. Laura Schlessinger - if your friend implements these tactics she can have a loving marriage again.

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  • It's best to show someone you love them in the way they are used to receiving love. If you show them love in a different way than that, don't be surprised that they don't see it without repetition or multiple angles, as it were. Think of it like two people who speak different languages. You can, "I love you" in a different language all day long...but without the hug or other method of showing love in their language, they'll never understand what you mean....

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    Just say 'i love you.' It's very simple. There are several ways to 'show' you love someone, kissing, learning how to say 'i love you' in another language would be nice. Maybe sending flowers for a week to their work. Be creative. Write cute note on sheets of paper, like in middle school, of how you feel about them. Draw cute drawings. Anything works really, as long as it's sweet.

    Je t'amie. That's i love you in french. Je is pronounced sort of like a normal J.

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    Once there was a girl I really fancied (as a teenager) but I was too shy to approach her. She used to insult me and mess around with my hair, and make fun of me. If only I'd known then what I know now! I thought she didn't like me!

    Hey ho - youth is wasted on the young!

    Does this help at all?


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    Depends what they did to show their love. For me its how keen they are to jump you and how aroused they get, and how they want you again...and again.....and then theres other little things like looks and cuddles and doing special little things that you know they like.....But thats just me and im only a man

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    Just by being there for them,

    letting him know how important they are

    always being positive

    like what piglet asked winny the pooh

    winny " how do you spell LOVE" asked peglet

    winny replyed '' I dont know how to spell it" But I can feel it.

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    if you really and clearly show that you love the person and he doesn't seem to understand, then he's turning blind eye. doesn't want to hurt the person by saying he does not feel the same.

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