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Where does meiosis occur in human males? In human females?

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    it only occurs in gametogenic areas...

    in males seminiferous tubules of testes

    in females follicles in ovaries...

    Source(s): physio book
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    All human cells have 40 six chromosomes different than for gametes (intercourse cells, in specific ova and sperm). All non-gametes have the comparable DNA. the version is the way that each and each cellular makes use of the genetic code. Gametes have 0.5 the style of chromosomes because of the fact of meiosis. If gametes had 40 six chromosomes, the sperm and egg would combine to supply an offspring with ninety two chromosomes, which might needless to say be way too many. by slicing the quantity in 0.5, the baby is waiting to have the comparable style of chromosomes because of the fact the mothers and dads.

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    Testes in Men, Ovaries in Women.

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    In women it occurs in ovaries in egg.

    In male it occurs in testes in sperm.

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