Who do you think has a much better chance of defeating John McCain, Hilary Clinton or Barack Obama?

I would like to say Obama because he is a very good speaker who rarely needs to look down at his notes. No question that he is also a very educated man, a civil rights lawyer who graduated from Harvard Law School. But the only problem is color might play a huge factor in this election. I do not think Obama can defeat McCain because this country is racist and will always be. I believe that most whites have already decided that they rather see the United States continue to fall than have an educated black male run this nation. I am not saying that all whites are against him, but the ones living in Red States are. And if Obama cannot win any Red States, he will lose to McCain.


CNN noted that 58% of whites voted for George W. Bush and only 41% voted for John F. Kerry. Among white males, 62% voted for Bush and only 37% voted Kerry. As for white females, 55% voted for Bush and 44% voted for Kerry. Because Obama is black and more liberal than both Kerry and Hilary, it does not help the situation in the South and Midwest.

Update 2:

Just to let everyone know, I am a Democrat who supports both Obama and Clinton. I wanted to vote for Obama because he is more liberal than Hilary, but I choose Hilary because she could impose a much huger threat to McCain. We already know that she is favored to win the minority vote. About 90% of blacks vote Democrat and the polls show that Latinos and Asians strongly support Hilary over McCain.

Update 3:

But the most important thing that people do not consider is gender. Not only will Hilary get votes from both male and female Democrats, she has a chance to take away a lot of Republican votes, getting as many female Republicans to vote for her. For instance, Ann Coulter is a very conservative woman, but she endorses Hilary and dislikes McCain. This may play a very huge factor in winning some of the South.

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    Your question and dissertation is worded like a true partisan. I salute you for being honest about it. Although it disturbs me you will vote for a person because they are in the party you prefer, regardless of if they are the best qualified. With all the talk of what our forefather's had in mind, I think you missed that boat.

    However, I agree that Clinton has a better chance to beat McCain than Obama. In layman's terms, I think more people will vote for a woman than a black man. Although I think Obama is the better man, (ahem, person), for the job.

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    Obama has the better chance. You can toss aside your racist innuendos - Obama keeps winning states that are nearly all-white. In head to head polling against McCain, Hillary looses by 5 points and Obama wins by 5.

    And like he says, there are a lot of independents wondering whether to vote for Obama or McCain - aren't many trying hard to choose between Hillary and McCain.

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    Hillary Clinton

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    nicely bear in techniques that those are in simple terms my own critiques and that i do no longer formally characterize any/all Christians. McCain is a baby-kisser with some years of provider to his united states and adventure as a political chief. Barack Obama has purely some years of political provider yet has yet to truly set up himself as a frontrunner (one desires adventure for that). whilst the democrats had their applicants run for the nomination, there have been fairly some applicants with ability. yet i think of usa (and fantastically the information media) grew to develop into fairly involved quite much smitten by ability of making united statesheritage. It develop into the 1st time that a woman and a black guy have been severe contenders for the nomination of the democratic party. human beings the two voted for Hillary using fact she develop right into a woman or white or they voted for Obama using fact he develop right into a guy or black. Obama develop into receiving assorted interest. human beings wakened and found out Hillary develop into unlikely to be a good president or they weren't going to have a woman president. Obama gained the nomination and finished movie star prestige. i think of human beings have an interest in Obama in simple terms like they are to different celebrities. he's not a good baby-kisser and he's an green chief. McCain has fairly some issues on his platform that i'm no longer overly excited approximately , so i'm nonetheless between the not sure human beings ok. i think of that as quickly because it is composed of the election, it could certainly be an exceptionally close race. the only good component that has come out of all of this, is that i think of for the 1st time interior the previous 2 generations, human beings are actual paying interest to politics, the matters, and actual thinking approximately this.

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    obama has the better chance, not because he is black or because hillary is a woman but because he is new"ish", no one is changing their mind about hillary we all know how we have felt about her for many years now, most of the independants and a good chunk of obama/opra voters will side with McCain if she wins, for example we have known her stance on universal healthcare since back when she was the first lady, but most people dont know much about obama, when he is on the air people will stop and say "hmmm lets see what he has to say", and that alone gives him a chance

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    I have to agree with "information_police's". Oddly though I'm getting the muslim crap not from Republicans but from the Hillary supporters.

    Also take a deeper look at those nonsense polls, okay they interviewed 1,234 folks but when 234 are republican and the rest democrat doesn't that sort of tell you all those numbers are ridiculous.

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    I think you are right... I live in a Red State as well and while the guys are against a woman being president, the republicans tend to be racist when referring to Obama. They either think he is Muslim (which he isn't) or too black to run the country effectively... it is extremely sad that the country would have that mindset. Hillary would have a better chance winning a Texas than Obama would. (I live in Texas)

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    It's between Obama and the lass.

    He has to catch up to and pass .

    Hill has her Bill

    and a lot of ill will .

    But , Oh Mamma Obama has class .

    If Obama looses to McCain , it won't be because of race , but because Obama is a cream-puff . Cream-puffs make very poor commanders-in-chief of the armed forces. McCain understands the military .

    Naturally , if he looses he'll scream prejudice .

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    The PuppetMasters will be forced to put Washington outsider Huckleberry in as McCain's running mate and that will secure the Election for the CFR Oops I mean the GOP

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