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Have you ever been too scared to watch a movie alone?

I've been in that situation quite a few times,

Thank you very much indeed for your answers :)

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    Yes! It seems a bit silly now but many years ago I went to the movies alone (something I rarely did) because I had heard about this very frightening movie; however, after purchasing my ticket I approached a couple of other neighborhood kids and asked if they would please sit with me in the theatre. They agreed and we had a great time but for several nights after this incredible adventure I had terrible nightmares. Today I refuse to watch movies like that one. Quote the Raven "Nevermore!"

    You are most welcome.

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    Yes, i think that anyone can be. It isn't a matter of bravery that stops you from being afraid. Its how much of the movie you are willing to beleive. If you watch a movie in pitch darkness while laying on the floor with all of the windows and doors open, you could probably scare the toughest person on earth lol.

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    To this very day, I cannot watch Prince of Darkness alone. I think it's Alice Cooper.

    After watching The Ring, I was afraid to be alone while my husband worked nights for a few days. I unplugged every TV in the house and let the dog sleep in my bed.

  • I used to watch horrors a lot as a kid, and saw all the 'supposedly scary ones'. The Exorcist, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Omen, Halloween, The Evil Dead

    But there is one I can't watch. It nearly gives me a heart attack watching it (and I'm not exagerating) It's a film from about 1980 called 'The Changeling'. There's no gore, it's just all Ghosts, Wheelchairs moving around on their own and people getting spooked. I wouldn't watch it again though

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  • yes i have. I watched 28 days later and i couldnt sleep for a week after it.

    I am also too scared to watch the saw films i hear they are very scary and a little bit sicking.

    My Bf does not like horror films either i think he watched hostel the other night and he didnt think much of it.

    I once saw Stephen kings IT and to this day i am very scared of clowns and balloons. In fact so scared i tend to go limp and weak just at the thought of them.

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    Yes there is movie that I saw when I was 12 called the Watcher in the Woods freaked me out totally even to this day and I would like to re watch it but cant still to scared, would have to get someone to watch it with me. ;-( and also the movie white noise, I've had it at home for ages still cant bring myself to watch it alone.

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    I don't watch any scary movies or horror, but I did like watching A haunting that comes on the discovery channel and I watched it alone. There was only one that bothered me . For some reason I did not like that one and I will not watch it again. I am not scared of those. I don't have cable anymore so I don't watch them now. I might not like them now anyway.

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    Yes! I can't watch most scary movies alone but the one I remember the most was trying to watch Skeleton Key at night by myself

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    lol, yes. but not a movie on the tv.

    anyone remember that viral that was going around called " caffine" or something.

    It was a german advert for coffee.

    It would show a peaceful scene, a car driving through mountains, the car goes behind a tree, and then " aaaaaaaaargh!!" a zombie pops out of nowhere.

    absolutly terrified me. couldnt watch it alone again.

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    All the time when I want to watch the haunting it is a show not a movie but I save them all on the pvr so I don't have to watch them alone good question

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