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Careers? This is probably going to sound crazy.?

So part of me has always wanted to be an elementary teacher. I love kids and I work in a daycare so I am around kids quite a bit. My only problem is the salary. I live in the south, and $30,000 a year just doesn't appeal to me. Also, my family thinks I need to do something more "prestigious" like a Pharmacist or a Speech Pathologist. They think I'm to smart to "settle" for being an elementary teacher. I have considered those careers, but they just seem boring to me. I know a Speech Pathologist can work in a school setting and can be very similar to a teacher but learning about speech disorders just doesn't sound like something I would be interested in. I've always been really good at English and grammar, but there doesn't seem to be many careers that have to do with English. Anyway i think it would be a fun career, but am I crazy to go into that field knowing that I will never make more that $50000 a year?

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    I suppose it depends on what matters to you most. I think ultimately you will find out that enjoying what you do is more important than making the big bucks. There are lots of people who spend all their time making money doing a job they hate, but never have time to enjoy the money they make because they are always working. Naturally, you would put in a lot of hours as a teacher, but if you enjoy what you do, that can make a big difference.

    $30K is nothing to sneeze at either. You don't have to have the most expensive things to get enjoyment out of them. I've owned a new car and I've owned used cars, and I've come to the conclusion that they're all just cars. It isn't what you're driving that makes you happy, it's where you're going.

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    Most Americans don't make $50000 a year. It really depends on how you spend it. Read up on books about investing and money management.

    But if you have to make more, consider being a special education teacher. They make slightly more. You could also become a pediatric occupational therapist. That is a graduate degree so you could still get your undergraduate degree in education. You could also study educational management and become a principle. You can write books on caring for children on the side.

    You are the only one that can make your dreams come true. Now is the time to do it.

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    You could be a college professor - they definitely make a good salary, usually in the 60k - 120k range. So you could do that with an English degree, if you work hard enough at it. But it seems like you've limited yourself to a very small number of choices here. Have you considered science or engineering? Those both pay well, and are fun if you like math and figuring stuff out.

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    First off, forget what your parents want you to do, you're the one who has to work in the career that you choose.

    Second, forget about the money. Sure, it can be a set back, but would you rather have a job you hate where you make lots of money, or a job you love where you don't get as much? What's more important to you? (Also...maybe when you get married your husband will have a high paying job :) or even if he doesn't, his income will help).

    Besides, there aren't many jobs more prestigious and fulfilling than preparing kids for the rest of their life.

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    It is a noble thing to be a teacher. If you choose that path you have my respect. Another option would be to consider a career in high tech or retail. Work hard for 25 years and retire at 50. Then volunteer as a teacher while still young enough to care. My cousin did this and finds it very satisfying.

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    You do what you are best at and what you like to do. School teacher isn't a full year job. Picking up the summer jobs to suppliment your income.

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    there are a good number of distinctive issues you should do. religious learn is proably no longer the main suitable option to circulate in case you desire to income approximately human beings and cultures, attempt Anthropology or sociology, crimionlogy even, do in simple terms fairly learn into the social sciences

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    money doesn't buy happiness, do what makes you happy and everything else will fall into place, go for it!

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