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how do i find out my lan IP address?

im trying to open a port on my router


its a belkin one

Update 2:

i did that ipconfig thing in that black box that came up, but its got loads of stuff in it, it doesnt say lan ip anywhere. ive got vista

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    Start > Run

    Type cmd

    Press enter

    Type ipconfig (in the new black dos box)

    Press enter

    its the line that says IP address after you have pressed enter in the black box

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    1 decade ago

    Step1: Go to the start menu and select Run.... Then type cmd in the box and click OK.

    Step2: At the C:\> prompt type ipconfig . Then press Enter. Your IP address, subnet mask and default gateway will be returned to you. If your IP address is 192.168.x.x, 10.x.x.x, or 172.16.x.x, then you are receiving an internal IP address from a router or other device. The IP address that the world sees is that of the router. If you are receiving a 169.254.x.x address, this is a Windows address that generally means your network connection is not working properly. On ResNet, the only valid IP addresses will begin with 152.7.

    If you want more detailed information about your network connection, type ipconfig /all at the prompt. Here you can get the same information as ipconfig with the addition of your MAC (hardware) address, DNS and DHCP server addresses, IP lease information, etc.

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    When you type ipconfig you won't see "LAN IP Address", you'll see a line with "IP Address:". That's the IP address for this computer, which is the address you want to forward the port to (assuming you do it on the computer you want to forward the port to). "Gateway Address" is the IP address of the router, the address you connect your browser to, to forward the port.

    Depending on the router, you may have to set a static address if you're forwarding a port. (Turning your computers on in a different order will give them different IP addresses otherwise, so some routers won't forward a port to a computer set to get its address from the router. Go to the forum at if you need more help.

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    What Is My Network Ip

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    no your local ip provider has nothing to do with your LAN IP address (LAN=local area network)

    Simply if you have windows xp, click on start/run and type cmd

    than simply type ipconfig

    and check whats your IP!

    (the one like should be the router yours should be 192.168.1.X, X being your number from 1 to 255, obviously here not one as its the router).

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    Open the command prompt and type IPCONFIG /ALL

    Press ENTER.. it will show up your IP address ..

    do youy feel that one is difficult ??

    open "Control panel" > Open Network connections..

    Double click on the LOCAL AREA NETWORK(2 computere icon)

    new window appears..

    click Support tab (in that new window)

    you will get the IP address..

    Source(s): i m tech frm HP
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