How much is the hard copy of my semen analysis worth?

I have no children because I like to keep the money I make. I am also single.

I had a vasectomy done in October. I just had a semen analysis done. I got the results back today, and the clinic gave a hardcopy to keep. I am sterile! Yes!

This paper is all I need should I ever get tagged for a paternity suit, right?

I did this because my buddy went though a lot of hell to prove he was no the father of his ex-wife’s son.

I make 60K a year. So how much am I going to save by never having to worry about child support? I would have to pay about 600 a month, right? That comes to almost 150K? Wow!

Real answers please. Actual experiences preferred. Spare me the “half a man” speech.


I know too many men that have gone through the headache.

My collage room-mate for one.

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    You know you have to go back and get another one in a few months, right?

    My friend had his vasectomy done years ago, and went back to get an analysis done for the same reason. You didn't say if some woman is bringing a paternity action against you. In his case she said she was going to but, he doubts that she will.

    In essence your paper is sort of an insurance policy. If you do run into the same problem, and you show it to her, it will likely result in her backing off.

    Is it enough to satisfy the court? - I don't know.

    I think your estimate of 150K is very conservative. If you got some woman pregnant it will cost you more like twice that over the next 20 years.

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    I doubt that paper would be enough to keep you from a paternity suit. Paternity testing would still have to be done, I'm sure. Flukes happen, and even 'sterile' men and 'barren' women have babies occassionally.

    Source(s): (I know a woman who was 'barren' who gave birth to a baby girl last October.)
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    Are you worried because someone is actually claiming to have your child? This seems to be a strange thing to worry about for nothing?

    This is like asking: how much would my house sell for if it were purple? AND NOT HAVING A HOUSE!

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    Thank you for doing the world a favor by getting snipped.

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