how does charlotte bronte create sympathy for Jane Eyre in the opening chapter of the novel?

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    if anything, we see that she is treated differently than the rest of the children...she is treated almost like a feral animal, like she has no real feelings or emotions. she is the black sheep, as am i.

    that's why it's my fave book =)

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    Jane Eyre is an orphan who is raised under awful conditions by an institution full of uncaring individuals. She is befriended by someone who dies of a disease that could have been cured if she had had the proper care and nutrition. How could you not feel for a child in that kind of situation.

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    By reading the chapter, you will see how the author draws the reader into Jane's plight and hardship, making the reader's own life tribulations relevant to Jane's predicament.

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    nicely, in the 1st bankruptcy you already know howharshly she is taken care of by utilising her "charitable" aunt. She is seen as an impediment to their relatives. She has little or no probability of combating back, whilst John hits her first, she is sent to the purple impediment for her and a few thing a reader can sympathise with.

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    Maybe you should actually read it and find out for yourself.

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