Take a look at what the biased media will not show you on the Oprah, Shriver, & Kennedy Obama rally!?

The news coverage on CNN, MSNBC, etc has been biased towards the Hillary campaign. The media is obsessed with Obama and will not give the Clinton campaign equal coverage. The commentators are vicious and do not cover the news accurately. I urge everyone to take a look at the "Magical" rally in CA when Oprah, Shriver, and Kennedy pubically spoke for Obama. You did not see these empty seats on the news coverage. It's all about the magical camera angles. What do you think about this?? Please look at the link before commenting:



Seriously- I have attended her town hall meeting when she came to my state to answer your question. My point in this question ( that everyone else that has answered thus far has grasped) is that the biased media does not show the whole story in their reporting.

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    It's all about a woman entering into an old boys club...and they don't like it.

    We are so behind other countries, even developing countries have or have had women in power who turned things around and were successful. So what's America's problem?

    Women make up the majority, where are we? Why is it that we are not using our numbers and out clout to get a woman in the White House?

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    Reminds me of when George W. Bush was campaigning in 2004, noticed how they would always have military personal at the stage when he made a speech. To give the impression that the military was on the side of the President or that he was a war president. Listen Hillary does not have a chance with the media, we need to get out the vote for Hillary because the media is going to overplay Obama, as far as Obama goes his speech tonight was coded and the media gave him a free pass. He wants change but the truth is he will divide this party and will end up dividing the country as well. He did well tonight in red states and that tells me that he does not have a strong support among democrats. In a general election he will get chewed up and spit out and we democrats will find we are back where were in 2000 & 2004 because we voted for a guy who promised change and end up with a coward, spineless candidate as John Kerry who will get swiftboated by the republicans. The media and stupid democrat primary voters will be to blame.

  • At the end of the day its all about who shows up at the voting polls - not who came to the function. You seem to be an advocate for Hillary how many of her functions have you attended? I didn't attend the Oprah, Shriver event but guess what I sure did drop my ballot this morning.

    I know exactly what your point was - I got the thumbs down and the response from you simply because I didn't answer the way you wanted me to. I support Obama, I didn't show up for the rally but I sure did show up at the polls 1st thing this morning and apparently I wasn't the only one. The numbers speak for themselves so while you may like to think that the media is "trying" to create the "illusion" that he is more favorable than Hillary at the end of the day (again) its all about who shows up at the polls not what the media portrays.

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    I personally, think it is wonderful that for once media "bias" errs on the side of what is good and right for this country. I happen to think Obama is an awesome candidate. He is highly qualified to lead this country and the bonus is that he happens to also be an African American. Media bias has been hurting African Americans since they were forcefully brought to slave in this country. It's about time the "media" did some "omitting" that was actually positive for an African American. Also, he should be given the chance to lead. Look at the mess we are in from former leaders. CHANGE IS NEEDED FOR EVERY PERSON IN THIS COUNTRY BECAUSE WE ARE ALL HURTING WITH THE SAME COLOR--GREEN, THE COLOR OF MONEY.

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    I looked at your link, if you go into it a little more ( the blog) and look at some of the things Obama is taking credit for..it will make you see how biased the media is against Clinton..interesting reading!

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    The media only shows what they want you to know. They brainwash everyone with news. Sometimes you have to read between the lines very closely.

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    Hello How are you!!!

    Yes wow!! There is no question our media or news media is partisan. They want Romney and Obama.

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    Well, there may be hope for this country yet!!

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