Massachusetts voters ignore Ted Kennedy's endorsement!!!?

Thanks to the Massachusetts democratic voters ignoring rambling Ted Kennedy's Obama's endorsement. It goes to show that it is the people not the celebrity and political dynasty endorsements that make a difference. Be safe MA especially if you are driving over bridges because after tonight he is probably hitting the bottle again.LOL. Do you join me in applauding MA voters?

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    1 decade ago
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    I agree! Senator Ted Kennedy is a has been, along with John Kerry and even Caroline Kennedy is a loser. I will never have any faith in Caroline Kennedy again, she gambled the legacy of her father's name to help a slimy politician like Barak Obama. For a agent of change and hope, he brought out a drinking dinosaur (Ted Kennedy), a botox queen (Kerry), a lost child (Caroline) and a fat gorilla (Oprah) and a anorexic egomaniac (Maria Shriver) for support and it turned on him. I love politics.

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    1 decade ago

    Yay for Hillary, I hope to see more egg on the face of the Right Wing Main Stream TV Media.

    Drink to celebrate, or drink to drown your sorrows Teddy!!

    Will the roads be any safer if Obama won or if Obama lost?

  • Go Obama! Let's change the White House to a place where all the people can actually be represented. Barrack is for the people - all the people.

  • 1 decade ago

    We should all salute Massachusetts for voting "their" choice and not who they were told to vote for.


    DEMOCRAT IN 08 !!!!! HILLARY IN 08 !!!!!

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