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Runtime Error 216?

I recently went to a website to dl some things for a game, and i ran the program i went to pc locked up, so i rebooted. Upon rebooting i got a "File not found sfdll.dll" and a "Runtime error 216 at <this adress varies evertime it happens>.Could really use some help.

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    This issue can occur if your computer is infected with a SubSeven Trojan virus.

    If you dont already have an anti virus. This is free.

    Trend Micro's FREE online virus scanner

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    You have a couple problems:

    1) improper security installed on your computer

    2) improper security awareness

    3) you've downloaded and installed a trojan

    To take care of 1 and 3 you would want to invest in a proper security suite (antivirus, firewall, antispyware, etc) from a RELIABLE vendor (McAfee or Norton) and ensure the program is properly configured and kept completely up to date. The reboot once completely updated and perform a complete scan.

    Hopefully this will remove the malware if not you will have to have a professional assist you with manual removal.

    As for problem #2. If you are going to be foolhardy and download crap off the internet (especially without proper protection) then you are just asking for this kind of trouble. You will probably find many other bits of malware on your computer when you get that security suite installed.

    Good Luck

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    once you commence homestead windows, information superhighway Explorer, or a homestead windows-based application, you're able to get carry of right here blunders message: Runtime blunders 216 at handle This situation can ensue if your computing device is contaminated with a SubSeven Trojan virus. to confirm this situation, run an as much as date antivirus application to do away with the virus out of your computing device.

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