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Interest in Yahoo from Microsoft?

Do you think it will be a good or bad thing ?

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    Microsoft are the biggest bunch of bandits since Genghis Khan and his hordes swept across Europe. If they get their fingers into Yahoo, it will be a disaster. They produce a "new" OS every couple of years, long before it is ready and then get the general public to test it for them. Every software company they touch becomes useless within a few months. They can't produce a decent firewall or AV suite. I moved my e-mail account to Yahoo after the "Hotmail" farce a few years back. Worst news of the week.

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    Ditto to the two above answers....

    Hotmail is awful...had an account 5+ years ago and

    let it expire. MS can't manage a decent webmail or

    search engine; kinda mirrors their competence

    creating OS's without major flaws and loosing

    [read forcing] them upon the public before they

    are ready for prime-time.

    IMHO...the only reason MS wants Yahoo! is to

    remove it as a it and close it.

    They've got plenty of money to do that. Then they

    have only Google to go head-to-head with. The day

    Yahoo! is bought by MS is the day I jump the

    good ship Yahoo! It won't be worth a pile of horse apples

    soon after that as it will be comparable to being assimilated into the Borg collective with Bill Gates as the Borg Queen.

    What a pathetic end to a super website.

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    Microsoft is in Competition with Google!

    They dont have the best search engine! So they are turning to Yahoo!

    I dont think Yahoo will sell his name to Microsoft! They might just put sme Microsoft adverts! thats all!

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    Well it will be for them...they've never been able to construct a decent search engine of their own. its fine with me as long as they dont change anything!

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