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How did "bad words" come about?

We all know the words. There are certain words that we just don't use (well, not all of the time) because they are considered "bad words" (you know, curse words). How did this come about? Who decided that these words were bad? What makes a word "bad"? And what if that word wants to be good and doesn't want to be bad?

Does anyone know anything about this, or has this ever crossed your mind?


Josh: That part was just my exhaustion coming out *lol* Or my insanity. Whichever you prefer. LOL

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    Words are considered curse words because of what it implies or refers to.

    For instance, the word ***** didn't become a curse word until it was used more to describe people, suggesting that their behavior was like that of a female dog. Because this is seen and often used as an insult to one's person, it's considered a bad word rather than a harmless metaphor.

    Some even consider God to be a curse word, depending on how it's used because it undermines something highly valued that should only be used in it's most literal form.

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    Society and individuals make a word 'bad' by way of their response to it.

    If a small child stands in front of you and says 'bit@hbit#hbit@h" and you don't respond, the child, failing to get a response from you, will most likely not do it again.

    If instead you flip out, 'no no this is a bad word etc." you have given the WORD power, and the child comes to understand s/he can wield power through use of that word.

    If a word 'wants to be good'? Well, words have no power on their own and they certainly have no will!- the only power a word can have is power we give to it. Therefore you can minimize it's impact by maintaining no response to it. It would take generations, though, to do that on a large scale.

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    Good question. Some words and topics are just taboo- such as "bathroom words" (crap, p!ss, $hit, etc), and words talking about sex (such as the f-word) I think it depends on the culture, too.

    But I also think, bad words came from bad people!

    A mother thought that referring to someone as an animal was very insulting, such as the a*s for instance, It's believed to be a dumb animal!

    B*tch is what a man came up with when he first saw his wife having a baby. He compared it to the first thing he may have saw having babies. When a B*tch is in heat she whines a lot and so does a female human when she's heated! Soooo....

    Retarded and stupid is the same thing as referring people to something believed to be dumb so a mother made their children not say such things about people!

    And that's the word from Mercutia's Coroner

    (Thats a joke, ppl!)

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    lol That's actually funny! I was taking a childhood development class in school years ago, and one of the things it specifically mentions is to "Never tell the child 'wait until your father/mother gets home." When the teacher asked us if it ever happened in our homes, the girl next to me said her mom had been doing it for years, but her dad hasn't come home yet. We don't do that in our house though. My son thinks both me and Mr Dawna are equally evil.

  • Bad words are found in nature, used in frustration, like when somebody steps on a dogs tail it whines. Scientists did studies and they noticed that the same part of the brain lights up when a dog whines from pain as when a human who maybe just stepped on a tack would scream "****". I'm pretty sure a word doesn't "want to be good" LOL. Society probably deemed words bad by their explicit nature.


    LOL maybe you meant maybe a word might not have that bad of a meaning but why is it a bad word?

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    I have wondered that too. I think that people just made up these words, just as anyother word, but people started using them in derogatory ways. Like the word gay used to be used for happy, but now people mostly use it to be rude to people. But I don't know!

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    Hi Nikki... i am the girl who asked the giraffe question... i am already looking things up about this topic. I am just asking on here because zoo people might be on and have experiences with these animals.... I wanted to see what people knew.. sorry if it offended you.. peace

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    Ya i have and also thought about who made up other words lol...ummmmm idk some of them words r in the Bible and have been around forever i guess over time people used them in a negative way and it turned into a bad word. i have no idea about the other words and how they came up with them like the "f" word and the "b" word came from calling a female dog that and i gues over time people did the same thing and started to use it in a negative way.....i guess we will never know! lol

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    This has crossed my mind a few times. I think that they just developed over society. I just think they are a way of expressing yourself and that's how my family views the use of curse words.

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    idkk i wish i knew but did you know a long time ago "pants" use to be bad word


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