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Why do you have to use religion to express your faith in God?

And your love for him and whatever else. Personally, I would find a personal way to express my love and faith for a supreme being. I don't see why I should follow any trends set by a religion or do anything else a religion would dictate to me. I would want to express my love my own way. I would imagine that an all knowing supreme being would see that and understand.

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    I like the way you think.

    I've always been an atheist, but I have to agree with you. I don't understand why a supreme being would insist on certain ways of worship and only one religion being correct.

    It shouldn't matter what you believe, only that you do.

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    A lot of the rituals and programs in church were started as ways to give us an avenue through which to do the things we are commanded to do, and over time they became meaningless checkboxes on our "get to heaven" to-do list.

    I don't like the word religion, it's become something other than it may have started as. Our relationship with God IS personal, but there is also a corporate aspect to the life He asks us to live. Part of that is meeting together for fellowship. He tells us of our need to connect with other believers for support and strength that we need to live out this difficult life. We take communion because Jesus demonstrated this at the last supper and told us to "do this in rememberence of me" There are many many things that He asks us to do to show our love. Some you can do on your own, but if you stay alone too much of the time, you are in danger of being picked off by the devil who "prowls around like a lion." There is strength in community.

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    Beliefs about a supreme being are subject to the fallen reasoning of man. Whatever a man reasons in his heart is right to him, even though God says in Jeremiah 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

    The doctrine of Christ is not so. It is offensive to the natural man and only by being born again of the spirit of God can one receive it.

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    I have the love of God I haven't no religion, my love and my trust and my dependence upon Him expresses my love and my faith in Him more than any one religion I have ever tried. Actually in a way God wants the same thing, He wants us to express ourselves from our hearts not what religion we seems to me that sometimes religion can get in the way of what God really is wanting from us, with religion it is ok to a point but it seems like it can just get in the way, and what does God really want? It comes from the heart, He see's the heart...

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    Well for 1 I do not believe in "religion" I believe in Spirituality. I think religion is only followed by hypocrites. Spirituality is just what you said. Showing love and devotion to God (god, goddess, spirit etc) by your OWN means.

    I am Christian (easier put) I believe in the Holy Bible. As you know to church changed some things in the bible. I find out things EVERYDAY!!!! It is amazing to find out things not necessarily stated in the bible.

    Anyway, the term Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Pagan etc can be a Religion (hypocrites) or spirituality (true faith). These are just lightly used names to show that we believe in that god (goddess, spirit etc) but in Spirituality we show how much we love them by our own means

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    What you just said is what Christianity is suppose to be. Isn't that sad that you understand the point of it and most don't believers don't. Christianity is suppose to be a personal relationship with Christ. No religion or dogma should be involved. You sure you're not a closet Christian??? j/k

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    Check out the meaning of religion in the dictionary.. You have just started your own religion.

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    Everything has its own basis, believing something without proof is none sense. I believe in God and the reason I believe in God is the proof and basis that I know that is the scriptures. proving is one thing and proving without a basis is none sense.

    Like when you sing notes are your basis without note you won't be able to create music and song. BASIS that is important.

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    I agree 100%. And anyone that joins a religion is compromising their beliefs, at least a little.

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    I tried using maple syrup to express my faith in God, but just wound up getting both of us sticky and covered in bees.

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