What's to improve in this painting? http://www.flickr.com/photos/puppyzwolle/2233424074/ ?

I'm working on this painting and can't seem to get the snakes right. What do you think should be the surface of these 'carven images'?


@dragonlady: "Carven images" It's in the bible. What can I say?

Update 2:

Lets stick with King James.

"Graven Images" it is.

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    Pat attention to Soundproof and Groovy Baby and to your own gut instincts. All of the work I've seen of your's is first rate.

    It would seem pretentious of me to suggest to you how to 'improve' your this creation. I like it think it's stands on it's own merit as is and I'm sure I will like whatever direction you take this painting should you decide to alter it.

    If it were my work and i were painting this I might add a bright red apple (with a bite taken out of it) sitting on the table. But it's not my painting and this is why I shouldn't make suggestions. I tend to overstate meanings in my art work.

    (Check out Groovy Baby's art. It's pretty impressive, too. A lot of surrealism, tempered with spiritual overtones.)

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    I would say that there is absolutely nothing to improve on in this painting. It really is beautiful and the message is clear, at least to me.

    The phallic symbols are evident enough.

    I like the subtle and gentle forms of the snakes, thought provoking "Freudian" relationship.

    I think that if the snakes were more obvious you would loose some of the thought process that is needed in order to obtain the true meaning of your image.

    Some humble suggestions that you could call your painting ;

    Carved Eden

    Carved Beginning

    Sculpted Images of Eden

    Carving Paradise

    Sculpted Eden

    Adam and Eve's sculpted passion

    Carved Temptations etc.

    I am sure that Dr. Watson and other great contributors in art on this forum will have even better answers for you.

    I love your work!!:)

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    I like the painting as it is, it's very Dalinian. Everything seems fine, I think if you make the surface of the snakes a bit smoother and add some veins it would look a bit more organic and more phallic. Other than this it depends on what you want to do. If it were my painting, out of personal taste I would make a higher contrast between light and shadow in order to give the painting more tension. .

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    Hi Puppy,

    It's so nice to meet you:)

    And don't let them give you a hard time... "carven" it is!

    Read: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/Carven+

    Don't touch the snakes. They're beautifully 'sculpted'

    and characteristically self-absorbed (ha! I'm a girl..

    can't you tell?)... and simply perfect. And they're the

    gorgeous color of shagreen (which was traditionally

    prepared by embedding seeds in untreated skin...

    and how biblical is that :). I see a pearl (and properly

    named: 'mother-of-pearl') in an oyster as metaphor

    for the unprecedented emergence of 'the circle' of life.

    Paradise" (Hebrew פרדס PaRDeS) used as a synonym

    for the Garden of Eden shares a number of

    characteristics with words for 'walled orchard

    garden' or 'enclosed hunting park' in an ancient

    Persian language.. which seems so apt in your

    painting...with a missile readying for target. It's

    just bursting with symbolism... thank you for sharing:)

    I think it's wonderful!

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    actually in the king james book it is "graven" images... but i don't know about the other translations what they might say.

    i see nothing to improve in the painting... i think it is awesome. and the surface looks great. i'd put the eyes and forked tongue on them but that's just me probably going overboard... y'know if you do anything else it may be too much, that one is probably done.

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    I find your work quite good.

    Of course that on a painting there may be things that can be improved, but then again there's the danger of overworking.

    Think well. Give time and then take a look at it again.

    You known the drill.

    Kind regards,



  • tham
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    4 years ago

    Too many highlights on the bottle, too distracting, they have an inclination to pull the viewer in that direction. Tone down, combination or get rid of those no longer necessary to the portray itself. Use wider mixed confident strokes, your short skinny spotlight strokes convey a feeling of unsureness with the effect and makes that ingredient of the portray somewhat too busy while in comparison with the different gadgets.

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    I love it.

    to me It looks finished and I get the point.

    I am a painter too and I know that a painting is usually "never finished" in the mind of the Artist. The more you keep looking at it .. the more you want to add to it.

    You need to decide when to stop.

  • Anonymous
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    If it was my painting I would either leave it or have something coming out of the cervix -like image on the painted canvas at the back, suggestions, a trickle of water or blood. Just an idea. Feel free to ignore.

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    your right about the snakes i don't really know tho maybe you should make them a bit more lively but i don't know ermm just asking where do you want the users focus to be???

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