supporting a murderer. why?

how can a church want to support a murderer and not the child that is left behind. the church in this story have decided against raising money for a defense but is still asking people to donate so this man can have a good defense. But the child that is now in foster care they didnt think about until others started to complain about it. so now they have changed it so the people can donate to the family and the family will decide what to do with the money. what about the child. hello. here is the new story. but before this story came out all they cared about was the one who confessed to the murder and a defense for him not for the child. So my question is how can people of christ support a murderer.

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    It is a Church of Christ congregation. Perhaps a letter to the editor of the local newspaper would be in order. The spokesperson for the church claimed the church is supporting "spiritually" ( NOT fiancially ) the family of the girl murdered by the 25 yr old man after being lured to her violent demise by her own uncle ..but not supporting the orphaned baby monetarily. Amazing and sickening.

    Sick thinking in my opinion by a church. Extremely sick.

  • Your answer is in the article. It states that the perpetrator and his family are long-time members of the church, and that they are supporting the family both spiritually and financially.

    >>>Mandichak's grandmother and parents are longtime active members of the church.

    In a written statement, Leamon said the church would continue to urge its members to help Mandi-chak's family.

    “From the beginning, our intention was and still is to obtain financial assistance from our own church family,” Leamon said in the statement. “The hope for the family is that they get the legal help needed. We are spiritually supporting the family who has been an integral part of our church family for many years. As Christians, that is what we are called to do.”<<<

    I have to disagree with what they are doing, and feel that any help given should go to the victim's family, an organization to help battered women, stop child abuse, etc.

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    Hard to believe some of these things..

    Maybe the Pastor has slipped a cog somewhere, but I can't understand it..

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    I would say they were a bunch of hypocrites!

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  • because jesus was nice like that, so why shouldn't they be? :/ but yea, they should also do something for the kid if they're not.

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