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how long til i lose weight?

I have been excercising loads and eating right and drinking lots of water for nearly one month now, and not lost a single pound! when will i see results, and how long do you think it will take to lose 30 pounds? i am 162 pounds now?????????

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    when you say eating right i can only assume that you really are not that you hink you are, and as i am sure you are an honest person I would say that perhaps it may take another month to see a reduction.

    However there are a lot of different reasons behind you not loosing any weight after douing all that work. Perhaps you have lost body fat and put on muscle from all the exercise as muscle does weigh more. Have you reduced the salt in your diet, salt although necessary if you have too much will cause water retention in your body.

    They way you should look at it is that you are eating healthy and you are getting fitter from the exercise, if you carry on like that you will eventualy loose some weight but more importantly the exercise and haelthy eating will make you feel really good the weight loss will just be a bonus.

    keep it up. If you wanna see what results you are getting check your BMI not your weight, this will show you % of fat loss over your body.

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    Wow, you are 162 pounds and want to be 30 pounds lighter? If you are a guy and you are losing weight like that, you better be a wrestler or something like that. Either way that is not healthy to get down that much. If you are exercising as in weight training, you could be gaining weight because muscle weighs more then fat. If you are drinking nothing but water your body is retaining that water making you appear to be heavier. I would say continue to exercise, including cardio and weight training, but also consume protien and mutli vitamins to keep your body healty, but you should consult a doctor before losing that much weight.

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    At your weight if you cut your calorie intake to a max of 1500. Avoid starchy foods and take light exercise, no booze ! you should see the weight start to come off after about about 14 days. Then you should aim for a loss of about 1 to 2 pounds a week. It worked with me. I lost about 42 pounds in 3 Months, and the weight has stayed off.

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    well because you are exerciseing,this is turning the fat into muscle,and muscle weighs heavier than fat this is to start off with.

    you are on the right road to loosing weight,you are drinking water,eating the right food,but in smaller amounts.But i do have to ask you something,when you started this diet did you measure your hips,waist ,and chest.

    it seems to me that you have lost inches rather than weight.try measuring these 3 areas and measure again in 1 long as you stick to what you are doing ,the inches will get less,and eventually the weight will come down.

    most diets now and nutrisionists would rather go for inch loss rather than weight loss in the beginning,and this shows its all will reap the benefits.

    i hope this helps.

    good luck

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    Go to and start to follow the plan. Sometimes we think we are eating right but we still eat too much. Weight Watchers will help you eat enough so that you can loose. Sounds like you got the exercise thing down so I'll bet you will loose the first week on Weight Watchers!

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    Took me 3 months to lose 30 pounds via Slimming world. it depends on each individual.Why not sign up to Slimming Worldd, its a great diet and you get to lose weight and still eat lots of meat/greens etc..

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    Not lost weight yet - but I'll bet you feel 100 per cent better, and that alone makes it all worth while. Keep it up and perhaps slightly reduce your food intake. Weight lost slowly is easy to keep off.

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    Then you are drinking 10 pints a night or you are at your ideal weight .You should lose wieight with what you are doing ,maybe you are not telling the whole picture

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    If you have been working out a lot you could be putting on muscle weight and losing fat. Look into your BMI. I am not sure if that is what is going on but it is a possiblity.

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    people all loose weight at different speeds depending on their body.

    This is a question you shoud ask your doctor, NOT HERE!!!!

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