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How far away is Maribor airport from Ljubljana?

How can you get from Maribor to Ljubljana and how much would it cost?

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    Maribor itself is 112 km from Ljubljana. There are goog train and bus links between two cities. I am not quite sure about Maribor airport; I think there is a bus that takes you to town, to railway and bus station. From there, you go to Ljubljana by either bus or train. Train cost anything from 10-25 euros, depending on your age (if you are under 26 and qualify for young traveller fare then it's cheap) and kind of train you take.Taxi from airport to Maribor will cost around 1euro per km but I don't know how far the airport is from the city.

    This may be helpful as a starting point:

    Slovenian railway webiste:

    This is Maribor airport website; I can't see English version and my slovenian is a bit rusty so I'm not sure If I understood it well enough to give you right information!

    I hope this helps, have great time is Slovenia!

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    So you're coming with Ryanair huh:)

    As stated above, the best way to come to Ljubljana from Maribor Airport is if you take one of the mini-buses or a regular one to the city centre (that is train station in Maribor). Than take ICS train to Ljubljana. It will be much more comfortable and faster than one of the local or regional lines. There are several bus lines connecting Maribor to Ljubljana - but buses take much more time. You can also take a taxi, but prepare to pay a fortune.

    Anyway, have fun here and "Dobrodošli v Sloveniji!"

    Oh and just a little comment on Jonal: there is a Italian minority (about 3.000 people) on the Slovene coast and that is why all public signs there must be in both languages, Slovene and Italian (according to the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia). Izola is Slovene name of the town. Thanks for the compliments ;)

    Source(s): same links that idilka stated - if you need help with translation, don't hesitate to ask, ok ;)
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    I've done it. When you get outside the airport,you'll see a car park. Half way across and a bit to the left as you walk out of the building is where the mini-buses stop. It's actually a taxi service,but using mini-buses is the best way to get everyone into town. They can drop you off where you want,if you ask,otherwise it's near the train station.You'll have to wait till there's a full load . I've never waited more than ten or fifteen minutes.It's about five pounds in our money for the hour or so trip into Ljubliana,and it's a really beautiful ride. Looks like Austria with lovely chalet-type houses in the hills and a couple of very nice villagesThere's a normal bus service as well. At the far end of the car park on the right as you walk out,and cross to the other side. The 'buses' are coaches..Quite luxurious,but you could wait a long time for one. The min-buses are best.The route in to the airport on the plane is just fantasic. You fly between the rows of mountains into a wide plain. The views are awesome. There's no flat land to build an airport close to town. Try a trip to Piran or Isola(also spelt Izola-Slovenian and Italian names are commonly used,even on street signs there) on the coast while you're there. Idyllic.Wonderful country,lovely well-mannered people,and English spoken everywhere.

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