I put my work on http://www.flickr.com/photos/puppyzwolle/ Is that wise?

Where do my kids go when I put them into the wide world like that?

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    Well, my friend, there is the possibility that someone else, some other artist with less of a creative imagination or ability, would see your often rather remarkable art and want to 'steal' some of your concepts or borrow your 'style'. But this happens all the time with or without artists displaying their work on-line. The less inspired, less original artists (from painters to writers to makers of music) have 'borrowed' from the inspired for hundreds of years.

    You can at least use your Flickr 'block' device that will not allow your images to be copied.

    (EDIT: Puppy, you need to 'tag' your photos so that they will appear in the general Flickr pool and appear in the image search engines. That way you will have many people viewing you rather remarkable portraits and other works. I really love 'Angel or Devil', 'Deaths' and 'Limited Space.' The 'Limited Space' painting just blows me away. Actually, I really love most of them.

    Anyway, tag them with labels like 'Art Portraits Artists Paintings Modern Art ,etc., etc.)

    I've had a number of mine up in Flickr for about a month now. Honestly, I put them up there hoping someone would either see some of them and want to buy some of my art or some gallery owner would see them and want to represent my work.


    What we do is gamble that the added exposure will pay off in the long run.

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    Its not unwise.

    Yes, it available for anyone to see, but thats the point of placing your photos on a site like that. If you want, you can make them private or use an invite list so only select people can view the album. (check privacy settings)

    Frankly, no one steals family photos, its a 1 in a 1,000,000 that it would be even an issue.

    As for what else is on flikr, its not porn, its like any other site where people can put photos up, its alot harder to find things offensive there than through normal computer use and popups.

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    If you want your photos to go to sale for advertisements or web designs you may want to try other sites such as those listed here: http://www.smilelikeumeanit.com/stock.html

    Its hard to say what people do with photos from flickr

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    1 decade ago

    I don't know, but maube people will start copying them and every one will have one in their house, like tomato soup. Good work, nice improvment since your last postings.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well it is copyrighted, but everyone can see them, and you never know who could steal your ideas...

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