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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetHardwareLaptops & Notebooks · 1 decade ago

Buying my first laptop which brand is better? Sony, Toshiba, Dell, Apple, Mac, Acer, or HP?

This is what I know at the moment when buying a laptop:

1) Hard disk drive: 80 Gb or greater

2) RAM: 512 MB (2GB or greater..better)

3) Processor: 2.1GHz

4) Numerous USB ports, well as VGA, DVI,serial, PC card slot, and parallel ports

5) Integrated 802.11g wireless adapter (WiFi) compatibility

6) Warranty: at least 2 year on both software and hardware issues(better)

7) Intels new Core 2 Duo CPU's or AMD

8) Battery life: want 12-cell, but a 9-cell is alright

9) I want Windows XP Pro

10) dual 8800gtx sli ( I have no idea what this means, can someone explain this one to me)

11) Built-wireless and CD/DVD burner

12) Rotational speed hard drive 7200 RPM

13) Screen size: 14" to 15.4" (I want light weight but big enough to read what I am typing)

14) I would also like to be able to connect my digital camera to it.

I think I have research everything I think I need to know, but if anyone can add please feel free to do so. I just don't know which brand is better than the other.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Everything on that list you can get from any of those companies.

    I personally prefer Dell because its generally the cheapest and Computers become obsolete really fast these days. The only thing on that list that might be hard to get now is Windows XP Pro, and i have heard they charge extra to have XP installed instead of Vista so that might be a expense your not willing to have. Beside that most of those features are defaults on most laptops, also i would have to note a 15.4 laptop widescreen can be pretty heavy.

    Overally i would go with cheap and reliable Dell simple because you will probably beat up laptop moving around a lot and carrying it in your backpack ( i am assuming your a student)

    If you are a student you can also look at Mac cause i know a lot of schools offer a mac discount but evne with the discount they are still more expensive than most laptops but if you have the extra money to spend then go for it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I have an HP. And, working with different laptops in the information technology builiding in my school. I know pretty much what to buy. Like you, I still did my research. Anyway, I found the AMDs to be better and mine is AMD Turion 64 x2 duo. Intels are more money because they are more widely known. AMDs perform better though. My processor is 2.00 GHz. I have 3GB of RAM. 250 GB hard disk. I got a crappy 3-year warranty...which won't cover my shitty mistakes if I drop or do something to the laptop but luckily I am very protective and not clumsy with electronics. My screen is 17" and the computer is over 7 I would recommend buying something that is in your budget but also reaches most or all of your needs. I have 4 USB ports...and as for the other stuff (other ports, etc) I won't use them so I didn't really bother to see if it had them. I have Windows Vista Home Premium. I believe I have a double digit battery cell. I can't remember what it is. I have the built-in wirelss, CD/DVD burner, and webcam. I bought a case for it (which was over $29) and it is a very nice professional looking case. I didn't want to carry it in my bookbag. It fits snug which is very nice so it cannot move around and get banged up. :)

    Good luck. It took me almost a year to buy a laptop because I didn't know which one was better suited for my needs.


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  • MDA
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    I recommend DELL, since you can configure your own PC on their website (warrenty included).

    If you have the time, have a look at ASUS too. Especially their Gaming range of laptops, which are top-notch.

    10) 8800gtx is the graphics card by NVIDIA.The best out there in the market, and probably the costliest one too.

    You have set decent configurations for yourself, but 1 GB RAM is recommended.

    You did say which OS you prefer This has a say on the overall price too. I say you go for Vista. (Home premium is good)

    To connect the digital camera, look for the fire-wire port (this is a must). there are two types: 4 pin, or 6-pin. Both are ok.

    Go for Intel Dual core. Not AMD. I have both, and I feel Intel's processors perform better.

    I guess thats as much. Recently, Apple launched AppleAir. Its good, have a look there too.

    Hope this helps..

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  • 1 decade ago

    Best labtops : 1. Dell

    2. Apple

    3. HP or Acer

    Don't buy other brands. Especially sony. Don't let your eyes tricked by it's look.

    Considering performance, let me tell you the optimal specification for your notebook.

    - 512 ddr2 = 40~60 GB Hardisk

    - 1GB ddr2 = 60~80 GB Hardisk

    - 2GB ddr2 = 120~150 GB Hardisk

    Hardisk storage reallly effect the performace of your RAM, because the hardisk can't work with it's clusters without RAM. So better consider that.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Sony Vaios are the best.

    All my friends have one, and we've never really had any problems with ours.

    Their made out of high-quality materials, and are built to last. Usually, I'm not into Sony products, but their computers are awesome.

    Apple has even copied some of their computer designs off them. Only most people have never seen Sony computers, so they don't know that.

    I'm running Vista on mine, and it runs like a breeze.

    They do cost more than usual laptops, but that's because they're so good. Get one.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It depends. If you have a lot of money and don't want to install anything and don't watch what you are downloading get a MAC. It will save you time and will not get you a virus. (People make viruses for computers that will effect more people PC's)

    If you want to save money for the same product can install the things you will want and don't download anything illegal then get a PC it saves you a lot of money.

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  • Sam F
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    #10 just put you over a grand!! and is NOT NECESSARY!! I'm a huge Toshiba fan, awesome products and great tech support. Also, I had heard that SLI was available on a few Laptops but I have questions about an 8800GTX on a laptop...that's a new one, time to check this out.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i am a computer seller i fix comps and sell them

    i would say dell or hp is the best

    i wouldn't pick mac becase alot of things dont work with it and things are more complicated on them.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i think the brand Dell is the better one.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Here's your answer:




    You get bootcamp for free, which will allow you to switch between Mac OSX and Windows XP. But believe me, you won't wanna go back to windows after using a mac.

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