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Is virgin media broadband ?

is the speed good? please help

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    its the best internet you can get in the UK.

    its very fast and the cable internet, which i have is great.

    My 2MEG Virgin internet is share through a wireless router with:

    1) 1 desktop (wired)

    2) 1 desktop (wired)

    3) 1 desktop (wired)

    4) 1 desktop (wireless)

    5) 1 desktop (wireless)

    6) 1 laptop (wireless)

    7) 1 laptop (wireless)

    8) 1 laptop (wireless)

    When all of these computers are connected, the internet doesnt slow down by much, infact normal speed.

    I also download huge files sometimes, but it still only slows down the internet a little.

    I use a BUFFALO AIRSTATION 125*. I highly recommend it. Extremely fast and secure.



    btw, duffaboy is wrong. There is no way 54mpbs. The maxium affordable home internet speed is about 18MEG.

    Hes probably saying 54MBPS because hes using wireless or something, then his wireless card has a maxium speed of 54mbpss, or the router has a maxium data transfer speed of 54MBPS

    :D, I know my stuff. PC Tech.

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    As long as you have an ethernet port on your computer and at least windows 98 or above then it will be fine. If you have broadband now then you should be fine, If you follow the cable from your computer to your modem/router and it looks a bit like a phone cable (but doesnt fit in a phone socket) then you will be fine, If you are using wireless now, virgin should supply you with a wireless router and that should also work with your computer. Personally i wouldnt go near virgin again, i had many happy years with ntl, but then the became virgin and then all the problems started, speed capping, channels being pulled.

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    I got sky broadband for £40 forever as long as i am with sky and it is very hard to beat. It has 2GIG speed and that is all you will ever need.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Virgin media is crap I have It ,do not sign up until you read the source ,even the boss admits the service is crap ,see for yourself then look at the next sourse from users

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    1 decade ago

    It depends on the area you are in. If you go on to the Virgin site I'm sure you can find out the best you can expect.

  • Baz
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    1 decade ago

    Yes! there speed is good, but there help line is a rip off, I know I'VE been riped off a few times.

  • kow
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    1 decade ago

    You get the speed you pay for.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    im only on the 2mg service and i get speeds faster than my freind whos on bt 8mg

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    1 decade ago

    Yes, personally I think that its services are very fast. I have updated to 20 mb or whatever it is, and that is not very expensive.

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    I use t and get 54MBPS, if you are conecting to your Modem via USB then this is why its slow

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