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What information is a previous employer legally allowed to release regarding your employment with them?

This question applies to the state of California.

I have been told that employers are only allowed to confirm dates of employment, nothing more, such as the nature of your departure from the company. I want to know if this is true, and to what extent.

The reason for asking this question is, I want to know whether or not the fact I was fired from a company will hinder my future employment.

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    Dates of employment and whether you're rehire able is all they can legally give. Other information is allowed only if you sign a release allowing more information, which some potential employers will ask you to sign.

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    If you sign a release with your new employer allowing your previous employer to reveal everything then the could tell the new employer EVERYTHING .. although usually former employers play it safe and don't give very much.

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    Dates of employment are all they get.

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