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How can I download DivX movies online for free?

I want to DOWNLOAD good quality movies not just watch them. Please suggest me how to download DivX movies. If there are other ways to download movies for FREE please tell me. Thank you.

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    Watch Free Movies Online

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    High Quality Watching Movies Online

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  • Judith
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    4 years ago

    My question about all these movie sites is this: If a DVD is between 4.4GB and 8.8GB these sites are obviously compressing the movies for shorter download times and therefore they are NOT DVD quality. They all claim they are but they are obviously not telling the truth. I would like to know what the bit rates on their downloaded movies are. I checked out several of the sites and none of them are willing to state bit rates or give any idea of the quality of their downloads. Who are they trying to fool?

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    how to download box office video from internet:

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