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Is there any software avaliable that will automatically map ports for you?

running windows vista & want to forward ports for torrents etc & would like a program to do it for me as I'm thick when it comes to things like this....thanks in advance

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    NetworkActiv AUTAPF is a freeware utility to configure port forwarding & is XP/Vista compatible.Good luck!!

    Define IP address ranges to allow or block for each port being forwarded.

    Optionally control IP address filtering via external program or script - in real-time.

    Have program forward multiple ports simultaneously.

    Optionally define a description for each port being forwarded.

    View the current data throughput speed of each port forwarding operation.

    Have program log connection events to a text file.

    Have program hide in taskbar.

    Run program without installing (if desired).

    Bounce connections back to connector (on same or different port).

    Available in Unicode, for extended language-compatibility.

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    use zone alarm

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