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Why are people saying "if Peyton Manning played for NE, he could win a ton of Super Bowls?"?

Have you guys forgotten that Brady won three Super Bowls without the aid of three HUGE offensive threats this year, in Moss, Stallworth and Welker? Everybody's making the comparison to which QB would be better, Brady or Manning, looking at THIS year's NE offense. However, would Peyton Manning lead New England to three Super Bowl victories if the best WR's he had were David Patten and Troy Brown?

Enough of assuming what Manning would do on a Pats team that hasn't even MADE the Super Bowl yet -- how do you guys think he would do on the 01, 03 and 04 Patriots?


Haha! A Colts fan and Pat hater are always the first on the scene, aren't they? Drat.

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    you know...coulda, woulda, shoulda, manning is what he is and brady is what he much of teams are chemistry etc. you can not predict how another player would do in that make up....i think manning would never fit in on pats but i am pats fan so that might play into it......manning won his superbowl...lets just stop with the what ifs....i truly believe so much of new england is the chemistry of the team.... and belicheck...i a master at putting good chemistry together....i am not so sure brady would have blossomed the way he did in new england anywhere else.....i think he was on the right team with the right coach to make it big.....and there are so many players on new england you can say that about...vrabel, welker, moss...i mean how many ppl had written off moss? no i dont think manning woudl have done half as well here in new england...its totally different type team than in indy.....yeah we will keep our brady and all our other boys! :-)

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    I've never heard anyone say that. But it's a stupid thing to say anyways. Peyton Manning hasn't been good in the post season until last year. Brady is at his best when it counts. That's why you have been seeing these 4th quarter rally wins. Peyton is a good QB, but Brady has had to prove himself a lot more and has definitely done so. Brady has been a hero here in NE for years and we've all been waiting to see what he could do will some all star receivers and now we have. 19 and done!

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    Manning will be a Colt for the rest of his career. He won't leave. There's no way to tell what will happen in 5 years, but I don't foresee the Colts winning another one in the next 2-3. I think there is a changing of the guard underway in the AFC. Teams like the Texans and Ravens are on the rise, while the former elite teams - the Chargers, Colts, and Patriots - are all showing signs of decay. I don't think that any of those latter three will make any more Super Bowls in the next few years. So I doubt that Manning will win another onw. But of course, I've been wrong about football many times.

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    So this made you mad enough to post a question...

    Where are these "people" that you say are saying Peyton could win Superbowls for NE...

    And it's not as ridiculous as you make it sound...Peyton is a good QB and he could have pulled a few off, who knows...

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    I think he would do the same thing he did against those teams..he would lose. Look at it the other way...Brady would not have lost to teh Pats if he played for Indy and had Harison, Wayne, Stokely...but no makes that comparison.

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    Brady can kich Peyton Mannings butt any day. Peyton Mannings still good but not good enought. Pats will win it all dis year

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    The Patriots started winning after 9/11, The New Orleans Saints almost won it all after Katrina....Refs still make bad calls that led to Pitt winning....Pro football is good entertainment.

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    simple reason (although I've never heard anyone say what you're saying)...with the help Kraft provides his teams in the form of paying of officials, it's not hard to win a lot

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    brady is way better than peyton

    peyton chokes in the playoffs(3tds and 7ints last year)

    brady winner

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    Who say that?

    That does not make any sense...Please man do not waste your points asking this nonsense questions....

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