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Can humans catch myxomatosis from cooking wild rabbits?

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    Myxomatosis In Humans

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    Myxomatosis is a disease of rabbits, both domestic and wild, which is caused by the myxoma virus, a member of the pox family. It does not affect any other mammals or mankind. The virus is transmitted to susceptible rabbits by biting insects. It may also be transmitted directly between rabbits if they are in very close proximity, although this is much less common. The first clinical sign to appear is conjunctivitis (‘red eye’) with a runny discharge. The rabbit may be dull, with a loss of appetite and develops a high fever. Some rabbits may die very quickly, others can develop swollen eyes, lips, nose and ears, with laboured breathing. It is present throughout Europe, including the UK, and also in Australia.

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    No, humans can not catch mixi, i personally wouldn't want to eat one (it's the thought of how ill they look) but my dog used to catch and eat them fairly regularly, You don't get much meat from them though, after all they are ill and they start to waste away.

    To people who say you should stop killing rabbits, in my opinion if you are an animal lover, you WOULD kill a mixi rabbit to end it's suffering, it's a horrible disease (introduced by man) suprise, suprise!

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    Lol, lamo. For 21 year i have hunted and fereted rabbits and in all that time thats the best one i have heard. For sure he is pulling your leg on that one. I think some sort of pay back should be on the cards for you.

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    no myxomatosis is a virus that is killed when put into water or heat over 100 c

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    Absolutely NOT - it does not effect humans - although I wouldn;t reccommend eating a rabbit if you know it was infected and you really can't mistake a Mixi Rabbit x

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    Handling them while preparing or dressing them, yes.

    Cooking them without touching them, no.

    Edit: Evidently I was incorrect in my first reply. An excellent illustration of why askers shouldn't trust answers about anything important to replies provided without references by such confident answerers as we 'experts' on such matters.

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    no its not caught in this way by human`s

    but bewair of what u have 4 breakfast ! ! ! !

    stick to either brown bread or white bread or wholemeal

    do not mix any of the three above or u will end up with mixamytoasties ; - } ]

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    stop killing rabbits

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