Tap & Water pressure advice please?

Please help me!! I have purchased a Moretti basin mixer and matching bath taps and have found (upon opening the box) that they need min 0.5 bar pressure. I have a gravity fed system with approx 0.2 bar. Is there anything I can do to get these taps to work? Any advice appreciated. :-)

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    .3 bar preasure deficit shouldnt be to much of a problem but you may find flow rate reduced. if the hotwater pipework to the bath is 22mm you should be fine, if it is mains cold water to the bath the cold may "over take" the hot flow therefore you will have to run the cold water then the hot seperatly. a possibility you could do is run a seperate cold supply from the header thank and fit a small in line pump to equalise the preasures of the hot and cold water supply. if you are still unsure take them back and exchange them and explaine to the supplier (most companies will exchange). as a plumber myself i would just fit them. you should be fine.

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    Consider changing the hot water heater! When gravity services were the go, there were not any such things as flick mixers etc.

    Gravity systems rely on there being a free flow.

    Some help can be gained by reducing the COLD water pressure, or restricting the cold supply. Trouble is, you will still have a very slow water run. If the mixer also has an aerator on the outlet, this exacerbates the problem.

    Sorry, but gravity feed is a poor system.

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    Maybe they will work, but you won't get the normal aeration, just a slow flow. In the US faucets usually have some kind of flow restrictor for water conservation. They usually work fine, but on homes with low pressure removing the flow restrictor can help. It's often a plastic disk in the aerator with a small hole in the middle. If you remove the disk you get better flow. In european made faucets the flow restrictor is sometimes an o-ring sitting in a plastic basket. Removing the o-ring can help with flow problems.

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    just think about the raising the cistern in the loft people, how much would it need raising, 3m = 0.3 bar

    know many lofts where you can raise it 3m, nor me

    try again

    and if you think you can get a pump for a bath and basin fitted for £100 of your british pounds you have no idea

    thinner pipes produce more pressure? with 1 bar behind them from the open cistern, i suggest you rethink

    must be student plumber night

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    Fit the taps they might work,if not you will have to fit a small pressure pump to the supply line or if possible raise the water tank by inserting wood blocks underneath.This excersise will depend on how much slack is in the supply and delivery pipes.Alternatively email Morretti they might suggest a fix.

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    They will work but flow rate will be slightly slower than your existing taps. It just depends whether you can put up with the slower fill time.

    Cheers David.....

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    you can try raise the water tank in the loft,and change the pipe from it to the shower taps,I think thiner pipes produce more pressure.other than that install a pump in between them.water tank and shower

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    shouldn't cause to much of a problem but if it doesn't work consult a reputable plumber and see if he can fit you a pump this shouldn't cost any more than £100 parts and labour

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