Christian and religouse people. Where would you be?

Where would you be if everything that you believed in was not true and proven to be not true. Like the bible, religion and such.

How would you live your life?


Thank you so much for your answeres. They really show that you dont need religion or the bible to live a moral life. God bless you all.

Update 2:

Ms, Lady. Why would you be opposite. then you are now would be the question to really ask yourself? Morals come from within not without of yourself. May God bless you to seek the truth.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I see no need to change my morals and my will for life if I find out for fact that God does not exist. I would be sad, but not useless.

  • Not much different. I think the Christian moral code (the Sermon on the Mount) is a good moral code for ANYONE, regardless of religion. So I would probably still follow it.

    However, I would not to to Mass, read the Bible, go to adoration, or anything like that. Because all of those are only applicable if Christianity is "correct", whereas the moral code is not.

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm not exactly sure I'd be the opposite like Ms. Lady but morals come from God. If there were no God, there'd be no morals so anything would be alright.

  • 1 decade ago

    The cool thing about the Christian life is that it's a good life. I think I'd do it exactly the same.

    An even cooler question would be "Given that the Bible is true and every one will stand before God in judgment, how will you live your life?"

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  • John67
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    1 decade ago

    If that happened then I would probably choose to not be religious and not believe in anything but myself and my own abilities. But it hasn't happened to me yet and I don't expect it to. I wouldn't change my moral values and I'd still obey the laws.

  • 1 decade ago

    i would be completely opposite of what i am now.

    to seek the truth??? my truth IS in God. therefore if God never were, i would be opposite of what I am now. i would do all of the things i find immorally wrong because God has not instilled right or wrong in my heart.

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