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what do you think of the city of London police fining cyclists for going through red lights?

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    I'm a driver and cyclist and i agree with the fines

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    As a general rule I am against cyclist running red lights. A few instances I am OK with it... such as you are sitting an intersection that has no traffic and the light is controlled by the strips under the street that detect cars... Those rarely detect a bike so you just sit there FOREVER. I waited through 3 lights (it flashed yellow then back to green for the cross street)... I was about to go through it when a car finally showed up. No reason a person should have to wait in a situation like that.

    Running red lights of busy streets is especially uncool though.

    On the other hand I think stop signs should be "rolling stops" (pretty much yield signs).

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    I am a responsible cyclist and also a car driver. Most weeks I cycle more than I drive and I stop at all red lights. I think cyclists that go through red lights, cycle when dark without lights and on poorly maintained bikes should be fined for breaking the existing law and not just in London.

    As for the CAR TAX loonies out there, it is the Local Council that maintains the roads and all council tax payers pay for this, of which I'm one. Only a small percentage the road tax is used on road building and repairs.

    If cyclists did pay road tax, when would we start to pay? At age 5-6-7 years of age and would we get any more space on the road or any respect from some Motorists out there!

    Source(s): Cycled for about 57 years. Been a driver of a car since the early 60s. Clean licence.
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    Revenue generating.

    -- If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? If there is no traffic, and the light is red, should a bike proceed? Would you cross the street on foot if there was an opening in traffic and the light was red? Most do.

    I was riding on a group ride -- police escort to the city limits -- we had free passes through all the lights--got outside the city in the low traffic rural area--first light only a sheriff car there (we assumed part of the deal) --25-30 bikes blow through the light. YES he attempted to pull us ALL over at once. NO we didn't - we rode like hell. Unfortunately the last 2 in the line got a ticket each. As far as I know they never paid it either. Now that I think of it that's running a red light AND fleeing. Crap, I am a criminal.

    Edit: it was probably Mr G getting the ticket -- just his luck.

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    the venture isn't with cyclists who're clever, savvy and risk-free. i've got seen many cyclists wade by way of purple lighting fixtures and it facilitates cut back the site visitors decrease back-ups. on the different hand, i've got seen too many idiots in London experience by way of a purple gentle and just about get hit via an oncoming automobile. in the event that they do no longer high-quality them, they're putting the cyclists and pedestrians in risk. What happens while a automobile swerves to omit the stupid bicycle proprietor? they could take out some pedestrians, little ones or people sitting on the cafe. it is an prolonged time coming and that they could desire to do it. regrettably, the clever and risk-free riders would be caught interior the middle. stupid people destroy it for something people.

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    London has to be one of the most cycle unfriendly cities around.

    Many laws were made to be broken, and the bicycle is the tool for the job.

    Cycle friendly cities don't have a problem with red light running cyclists. You don't have the chance to run the red, you actually ride on the red, because while being a red light for fossil fuel burners, its a green for go cycle light.

    Christchurch City in New Zealand has been employing lights like this on her inner city cycle networks for like 15 years or longer. Christ only knows how long the Dutch have been using them.

    In so many ways London is 50 or more years behind other much smaller well planned cities. Hope they can tech up and get with the program before the Olympics.

    As for the number of responses to this question ! un be fa kin be lea va ble !

    Go on run the red, you know you want to.

    Bunch of pasty pusssy Poms !

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    So they should, cyclist get away with far too much dangerous riding; on a dark road tonight i nearly collided with a cyclist in dark clothes on the wrong side of the road without any lights. Had there been an accident, it would not have been my fault but think how awful I would have felt.

    Maybe it is overdue time for cyclists to have to sit compulsory tests like the driving test theory test and to be tested on the road too, and to have to have a licence to ride

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    I totally agree with the fines. Anything that is on the road with wheels should have the same rules of the road. I have seen cyclists run red lights and almost get hit by a car. We already have this law because of the number of cyclists who die from car related injuries here in the U.S.

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    I am a cyclist and I agree, we all should obey the law; cyclist, motorist, car drivers, truck drivers, etc.

    Hope respect for one another will make fining a thing of the past. Well, ... yes... I am a day dreamer !

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    I assume in London the red light means to stop. Why wouldn't the police cite and fine anyone running red lights?

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    Funnily enough, my husband and I were discussing this earlier. I think it's a great idea. I have seen cyclists blatantly disregard the law and go through red lights, thinking that because they're not a car it's alright. But it's not. They can cause accidents, and if they're going to cycle on the road, then they should obey the highway code.

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