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I have a 10 gallon fish tank with 3 goldfish, How many hours a day should i leave the light on in the tank?

it's healthy for them some right? I know leaving on for too long will make the water hot, etc, uncomfy for them..But of course they like some light...just as we humans do..???

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    The less you leave the light on, the less problems with algae you will have. Goldfish can see without any problems with ambient daylight coming through windows, or even with just a room light on instead of the tank lights.

    I'm going to go outside the box here and recommend that you turn on the light for just a few hours per day, timed so that you are home to enjoy it. (If you get home at 6pm and go to bed at 10 pm, that's when you can keep the lights on). Alternatively, you can get a timer and set the lighting to match your needs, like say 4pm to 9pm, that way the lights are on when you get home without having to be on all day long. Putting 12 hours of light on a tank without live plants not only generates much more algae, but it's a waste of electricity too.

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    For goldfish, the colours look best under a sun-glo or aqua-glo. Something with a general spectrum. Temp to be set between 15oC - 20oC up to 22oC if you have too. You'll be moving out the the 10 gallon SOON so don't worry so much if its not set up 100% perfect now. I didn't get mine excellent until I had them in the 75 gallon, where they will stay forever. For a ten gallon tank, I would use a compact flourencent as a incandescent will make the water to warm. 8 hours of light a day is perfect and you shouldn't have to much of an algae problem. Just remember, ANY one who says "fish will only grow to the size of the tank" is full of crap. If I stuck a child in a small room, do you think it would stop growing? Fish stop growing when they are too poisoned with their own waste. Goldfish grow to about 14" and live about 20 years. The record is 43. Rule of thumb for goldies, 1 inch of fish (including tail) for 2 gallons of water. Good Luck!

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    Goldfish only need to be able to distinguish between night and day so that they can take their proper rest period. The ambient lighting in your home is sufficient. Unless you have live plants in your tank, you don't need to have the tank lights on at all. The problem with too much lighting is algae production and tank overheating. With so many goldfish in your tank, you will most likely have high nitrates assuming your tank is properly cycled. If your tank lights are on more than 6 hours per day, you will run the risk of having an algae outbreak in your tank. Algae isn't harmful, but it can be unsightly.

    I should also mention that a 10 gallon is barely large enough for one fancy goldfish. If your goldfish are the round-bodied, double tailed type, you need a bare minimum 55 gallon tank with a very strong filter. Each fancy goldfish needs a bare minimum of 10 gallons of water. Because substrate (gravel), plants, decorations and other tank items take up space, you need a 55 gallon tank to ensure three fancy goldfish have enough water. If your goldfish are the slim bodied, single tail type (comets, feeder, shubunkin), you need 30 gallons of water per fish minumum. You need a bare minimum 125 gallon tank (long) for three single tailed goldfish. Single tail goldfish do much better in ponds and really shouldn't be kept in indoor tanks unless the tank is 125+ gallons.

    Goldfish need tank temps between 60F - 72F, and you need to test for ammonia and nitrite frequently to ensure the levels are 0ppm. In your tank, you should be doing 25% partial water changes every 3 days.

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    Your 10 gallon fish tank isn't appropriate for your goldfish. One goldfish alone requires a 30 gallon tank. Each additional goldfish afterwards increases the need for space by another 10 gallons. For the current amount of goldfish that you have, you will need a 50 gallon tank.

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    I would say that tank size might be a problem, but as long as you have between 1 in of fish for every gallon, they should be fine. You should not keep the light on unless you have live plants. Just use your house lights. If you have live plants, I'd suggest you use about 10 hours of light a day.

    Check the top link (only the aquatic plant part) if you want to learn how to care for aquatic plants.

    If you want more info on gold fish, check the middle link.

    If you need adobe reader to read the guides, click the bottom link.

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    first this is not enough space for 3 gold fish, but the light, unles being used for heat which is strongly discouraged should only be on when you want to watch your fish. The light encourages alge to grow on the sides of your tank.

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    The light won't make the water hot, just warm. You can leave the light on for as long as you want to, but leaving it on for too long can cause algae buildup in the tank.

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    I leave mine on for about 8 hours because I don't have live plants, but your most pressing concern is tank size. If you have fancy goldfish you need 50 gallons minimum, 60-70 is much better, with double or triple filtration.

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    turn it on when you get up, and off when you go to bed. however, i see a problem that is yet to emerge. those goldfish need 20 gallons of water per fish, so you obviously cant keep 3 in half the size needed for one.

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    I thought you leave the light on at night and turn it off through the day. It has been a while since I have had fish. :)

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