Landrover Freelander?

With the landrover (any model any age), were there any on going faults or problems that one should look out for when purchasing one?

Are they reliable?

Any specific model to try to get?

Any specific model to try to avoid?

Any ides would be greatly recieved. :-)


Specifically the freelander, apologies for the error.

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    intake manifolds area problem. will set check engine light on for evap leaks. will have to replace the gasket

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    If you've never owned or driven an Land Rover for MANY miles, your opinions are just that; opinions. Land Rover makes a very robust and capable vehicle. They're on the expensive side to repair if you can't work on them yourself. I'd stay away from the Freelander, unless you're looking at the LR2 ( new Freelander). It is NOT a better family car than a Range Rover or any Discovery series 1 or 2, it's smaller.

    Good years for the Range Rover, 88-current. SWB (short wheel base) is more desirable for off-road use. LWB (long wheel base) is more comfy on-road and still quite capable off-road. A couple years tossed in there were less reliable than others though, iirc, it was 96.

    Good years for the Discovery series 1, (Disco I), 94 & 95 and 97-mid 99. It changed to Discovery 2, (Disco II) in about mid summer 99. The 96 seemed to be a little troublesome, although I've met many people who would argue that point. No Discovery I or II has airbag suspension. Last year for the Disco, 04. There were some oil pump issues in 00, 01, & 02 I believe.

    Good years for the LR3, 07-current. '05 was plagued with horrible tire wear issues, electrical problems and a myriad of other issues. To me, it's fugly! All that friggin plastic, gawd! But it now has a 300 HP motor, drool!

    I've only owned three, all Discoverys, and none had diff issues as one poster put it. I don't know anyone who has had a diff problem, unless it was off-roaded and then you know the saying, "s**t happens".

    They are however known for electrical snafus, yeah, one day your window works, the next it doesn't, the next it does. WTF! And they leak, period. A word of caution, you need to stay current with preventive maint. Keep up with fluid levels, hoses, and other minor things. They are tempermental and quirky, but if you like it, you're hooked. This is based on the American market. Some web sites you may enjoy; and

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    Well my family has been in Land Rovers scince 1950, they are great, they are perfect for the roads in my country Costa Rica, if you can buy a 1972 two door Range Rover, this is the best edition of Range Rover and the best 4x4 vehicle ever built, and that was said by 4x4 experts to Discovery Channel, in you can't find one, buy a 4 door Range Rover Classic or a Discovery series 1, or a Defender.The Discovery series 2, the Range Rover P38A(the next generation of range rover after the Classic) have a problem with the air suspension thing that older models don't have, and is a big headache, if you want you can get a land rover series 1, 2 or 3 but they are uncomfortable for long trips, the generation of the discovery 3, Range Rover Sport and the new models is very expensive, and the freelander, well some of them are assambled in Italy, and they are good but if you want to make a good inversion buy othrer Land rover.

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    In general the petrol freelander is to be avoided at all costs - The Rover K-Series engine in this model is well known for being problematic, especially in relation to overheating which frequently causes the head gasket to fail, this is common to the K-series in every vehicle it is fitted to (Rover 75, MGF etc.), but it is especially prevelent in the Freelander because of the vehicles weight and the strain caused by the four wheel drive system. The diesel freelander is, however, a very reliable vehicle, being fitted with the same engine as a BMW 320D, and is capable of high mileages without problems, (I own one of these myself), it is also a surprisingly capable off-road vehicle. Two things to note however, one, the luggage carrying capacity of the Freelander is quite poor when the seats are in use, so if you have kids in the back and a buggy in the boot you will struggle to carry much shopping, and two, the drivers seat has no height adjustment, and I have yet to meet a Freelander driver who isn't annoyed by this! All in all the freelander is an ideal vehicle for use on winter roads in areas prone to flooding and/or ice as the permanent four wheel drive gives very good grip, and diesel economy is quite good.

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    great cars guess your looking at freelander 1 so i would advise to go with the td4 as more reliable than the 1.8s and better mpg. As looking second hand check that underneath both prop shafts are fitted as they are often removed to hide ird or viscos coupling problems( which are both costly repairs). if they are for off roading a good set of mud terrians and a 2" lift and you will get where discos and defenders won't

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    Yes, very reliable and safe if your not trying to offroad in it but it's more of a casual family car then what Landrovers are usuually meant for. They are said to have faults during offroad trips and steap climbs. Overall, good family car and relatively cheap. If your trying to buy one for offroad journeys, I would get a Mitzubishi or Toyota rather than one of these unless your quite rich, then I would get a Landrover Discovery 3 but as a family car, defiantely a Freelander Thanks. =]

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    Well, they aren't the cheapest Land rover for no reason. I have a friend that made the mistake of buying one & it wouldn't start....couldn't ever figure out why. The dealership provided a "loner" vehicle for almost 3 months due to their issues. Take in consideration, when purchased, it had 11 miles on it. I'd reconsider, if I were you. Good Luck!

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    the td4 is quite good runners as this is actually a bmw engine in them but changing the fuel filter is a pain cause of where it located but not really any on going problems with them except for usual landrover stuff (diffs) and try to avoid automatics

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    well landrover have a massive reputation for being reliable thats why they are used all over the world and by our army great cars but not sure what the newer models are like though.

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    I have not owned one, but a friend has, and he had terrible problems with the gearbox....eventually had two different ones installed....the Mechanic said it was a known problem!!!!

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