Unique, current bands that you think deserve more recognition?

I'm bored. I'd like to discover new bands. I'd like to hear bands that you think are unique, and deserve more recognision. Hit me with what you've got.

I'm open minded to most types of Rock, but I can't stand Pop-punk - so please, none of that.

*[Please link to a place that I can here the music - myspace, purevolume, youtube whatever]

Thanks and good day.


Just a few weeks ago, I was complaining about people that ask for band recommendations and here I am doing the same - wow.

Update 2:


Update 3:

Haha, so much to get through. Thanks for all the answers guys, I'll be commenting on the bands I particularly liked in the next couple of hours. Or tomorrow, if I fall asleep too soon tonight. I must say - you guys have listed some great bands.

[Darth;] -hands tissue- I said that before you asked. Besides, my dear contacts are excluded from my whiney complaints, hehe.

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