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What do you make of the latest bin Laden audio tape?

Both the timing of the audio tape and the fact that it doesn't mention Bhutto raises questions.

I am thinking of a few possible scenarios.

1. The audio tape takes a long time to reach its destination and therefore could not have included mentioning Bhutto. I find this to be the most probable scenario.

2. Bin Laden is dead and the release of this message is the first of many of planned releases of these very broad and run of the mill hate messages.

The last two I find to be least probable.

3. Bin Laden, from his location, had no knowledge and perhaps no involvement in the assassination. This one I find to be least likely

4. Bin Laden chose not to address Bhutto's death for whatever reason.

I find it odd because the tape's message is very broad and covers major, timeless themes. At the same time, it makes no mention of world events. In a way, this tape could be release 1 year from now and still be relevant.

What do you think?


And yes I do assume that Bin Laden would go out of his way to mention Bhutto if he had the opportunity. My reason is because Bin Laden in his past communications has went out of his way to make note of current U.S. events, including comments on the slumping U.S. housing market and credit crunch. I believe that he does this from time to time as a way of communicating to U.S. intelligence analysts--and the viewing public as a whole--that he is alive and robust, and that he reads his USA Today with his morning coffee.

For some reason I thought maybe I would get more versed responses. Oh well.

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    Sorry just fixed my sources. The links got chopped off.

    Ever notice how Osama looks younger and healthier now?

    That tape cannot be true. Osama died in the hills of Tora Bora. Check my sources. The guy that plays him now used be a pest exterminator in Crawford. His name is Rhemy Swann. "Reems" His wife left him 6 years ago, and their son goes to school with mine. It will all come out after the election unless Reems and the republican nominee can scare enough people into voting Republican. They are planning some attacks to thwart just in the nick of time now. They are holding a casting call for a GI joe live action movie and the actors will be selected from the applicants for the movie. Bad cover considering the writers strike, but you have to do what you have to do.

    If the plot and acting are good enough to get them reelected they will send the actors to Guantanamo, and hold them in cognito. Of course they will not truly be there, but nobody will be able to tell.

    Why would Osama or Al Queda care about Bhuttos at all even if Osama could care about anything. No reason. Nobody controls the part of Pakistan that Al Queda lives in. The only person that gained anything was Musharif

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    Only morons will believe anything on these Bin Laden tapes. As I said, Bushies will even accept a white guy in a Bin Laden suit if it's reported that he's "suffering from vitiligo."

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    You assume that Bhutto's death is important for Bin Laden, but why would it be? Maybe AlQaeda is not behind the assassination; maybe some people just like you to believe that. I am not a conspiratist, but this is how things work. I don't see why number 4 is unlikely.

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    You know, I just don't care about Bin Laden. Since we keep getting tapes, I suppose we can only conclude that he's still alive. Bin Laden needs to keep his boggy man image alive in order to be relevant.

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    Bin Laden is dead again? That cat has way more than 9 lives.

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    The Jack-in- the- box.

    Seems to pop -up at the wrong time at the wrong place with more cheap-skate ghostly stories for little children

    While others were busy in Pakistan with the loss of a gtreat lady among one of the dirty dozen.

    Pop-up for cheap publicity.

    Luke 11.46-50

    What do you think?

    Source(s): decoded from the missing x-files.
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    The gov has a responsibility to make it available; that is about it, the guy gets entirely too much attention for a bad guy. When he is caught, alive, the tapes will sell and make big bux.

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    Don't want to sound unpatriarch, but it just goes to show Bin is alive and well. 9/11 somehow, isn't important anymore. This is sad.

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    I agree with Dum Dum! I think the tapes are faked! *sm*

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