Hi, can a muslim say christian prayer?

I am christian but I want to become muslim, but I made a promise to God and he helped so I have to say many prayers for him in return, but christian prayers. What do i do? I have to wait before I finish praying all prayers or can i become muslim and still say christian prayers? Thank you very much, friends.


I said i was a christian because i was born one, not because i practice the faith anymore.

I understand that this is probably wrong but I want to be truthful to God, because a promise is a very serious thing and at the same time i'm tired of waiting to become a muslim.

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    your question is very important. its importance arises from the point that you want to fullfil your commitment with God. firstly, you have to know that God wants us to worship him in the way he likes not in our own way. this leads us to the question which is better, to worship God in the chrestian or islamic way. we can't perform both, since their basic believes (nowadays) differ.

    i recommend the islamic way for the following reasons:

    1- chrestianity worships God, his Son jesus, and the holy spirit. in other words, they believe in more than one God. this contradicts with any rational logic, because if you look in every thing around you, the universe, living creatures, environment,etc.. you will deduce that there is only one God for this world.

    2- islam is not just prayers, it is a way of life. it regulates your life according to rules defined by God (Allah)

    3- islam doesn't deny other religions. as muslims we believe in Moses and Al-Maseah(Jesus) as prophets of Allah. chrestians and jews doesn't believe in anything else but their religions.

    4- reverting to islam will erase all your previous sins while preserving your previous good deeds

    inother words, when you revert to islam you will get the following (and more):

    1- you will be able to worship and thank God in the way he likes. this resolves the problem of your previous commitment to him

    2- your life will be better after following the islamic rules. this is not an assumption, but it is a proved fact. if you don't believe ask those who reverted about their lives after and before reverting.

    3- you won't be denying other religions, but you can't practice their way of worshiping God. you will be a muslim. being a muslim is a very precious thing that you won't feel until you revert to islam

    May Allah show you the correct path and accept all your prayers

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    Hi Sister.

    First of all, congratulations on becoming muslim.

    Second of all, don't listen to everyone on this, they're just jealous that they don't have as strong a faith as yours.

    Thirdly, you can pray to God as a muslim, christian prayers and muslim prayers are very different but they're still to God.

    Us muslims pray 5 times a day. And you can make a dowaa at the end to thank Allah for helping you.

    I hope this helped just e-mail me if you need to know anything else.


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    Thats a strange question but anyways I will try to answer to clear up some confusion. While being christian, you prayed to God and He answered your prayers. Now you want to become muslim. There is no such thing as a christian or muslim prayer. Even from the muslims point of view, if you convert and become a muslim, as long as you are communicating / invoking One True God of this universe and associate no partners with Him, you can say prayers that you learned while being chrisitian, this means that you refer to Jesus (Peace be upon him) as one of the mightiest messenger of God BUT not God himself as this brings you to "shirk" or associating a partner with the One true God.

    I hope this helps :)

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    welcome to the faith sister. just concentrate on one thing. there are no Christian prayers and Muslims prayers as long as you are praying to the only alone God. for Christians the father in the heavens and for Muslims Allah. there is nothing wrong as long as you pray to him and you ask him for something. i think you understand. the idea is not to associate any partners with him. worship him alone. and you can pray whatever way you like. but the best ways are the ones which Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him advised.

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    First of all if you are a real christian why would you ever convert to being a Muslim? Obviously you do not really understand anything about either religion or you would know that Christians worship the one and only God,while muslims worship a man who was never truly a god of any type. I am not bashing Muslims, but the truth is that they are not worshipping the one and only God, and if you change over to that religion you can not say prayers to a God other than Allah. So read your Bible again before making any rash decisions, and if you adopt certain aspects of the love part of the Muslim religion that is okay too.

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    This question has no integrity. If you are, as you say, a Christian, then Christ dwells within you through the Holy Spirit, and the only "unforgiveable sin" is to reject (or grieve) the Holy Spirit, by denying Christ (ie becoming a Moslem) This is called apostacy.

    If you are Moslem, you have no need of Christian prayers because you don't believe in the divinity of Jesus the Christ -- He would be just another prophet and Moslems are forbidden to pray to anyone other than Allah.

    So either way, you would be denying a tenet of your supposed faith.

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    Once you become a Muslim, all your sins are forgiven. You can't really say Christian prayers when you are Muslim... (good 4 u btw!) but you can pray the Muslim way after you become Muslim, giving shukr (thanks) to Allah for helping you find the path of Islam.

    hope that helps,


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    Sorry but you sound very confused. No man can serve two masters. Either he will love the one and hate the other or hate the one and love the other. There is no way that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob would make you say prayers or lead you to sin by trying to serve two masters. Read the Bible.The Holy Word of the Lord. Ask God to clear your mind and lead you to a good place of worship and fellowship. Good luck.

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    I'm sorry, but you are not Christian or you would not be saying many prayers in return. God does not work that way and every true Christian knows that.

    Try again.

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