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Can I claim without losing my no-claims bonus?

My car was broken into, very little taken (a few scratched copies of CD's is all I think)

But the passenger window was smashed. Can I get this repaired through my Insurance (I am fully comp) without losing my no claims bonus? I do not have protected no claims as I am still building them up after a break in about 3 years ago!



I have been told windows don't affect no-claims which is why I asked.

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    Depends if your policy includes glass cover, if so it should'nt affect your no claims bonus. Also check your excess payment required, it may not be worth claiming on the insurance depending on the difference between the excess and the cost of the repair.

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    First, What is your comprehensive deductible? Next, find out what the cost is to replace your window. If the cost is less than your deductible, then don't bother filing a claim.

    Your insurance company wouldn't cover any personal property in the vehicle anyways.

    If the cost to repair is more than your deductible, call your agent and ask them if Vandalism claims effect your no claims bonus.

    Source(s): Claims adjuster 5 yrs
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    That does vary from insurer to insurer. Read your documents very carefully, and if you're still uncertain ring your insurers - make it clear you're just asking a question, not making a claim (yet). And take a note of who you're speaking to, it's not unknown for them to give out duff information. You don't want to make a claim and then find you were misadvised!

    For what it's worth, about £75 is the going rate for having it done professionally.

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    I think they are covered along the same lines as your windscreen cover.You normally have to pay an excess of between 40 to 60 pounds for the replacement.this does not affect your no claims.

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    Hello there sprocket,happy new year to you.

    They will replace the glass,providing you pay the excess,whatever yours is.The garage loves these jobs,top wack for the glass,cleaning glass from carpet,seats etc,but at the end of the day,it may not affect your insurance premium,this year,but they get it back one way or another.Don,t you know a mechy who will put a second hand one in for you,not knowing your vehicle but £20 to £30 would do it.[mechanic before postman] Where,s xmas sprocket gone

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    Yes Windows should be covered without loss of no claims

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    Oh God I doubt it. Insurance companies are the scum of the earth as far as I'm concerned, they penalise you for claiming when taking out insurance in the first place is because in life, accidents happen.

    I may be wrong but as far as I know, if you claim you loose your no claims.

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    You really think that window will be over your deductible? Why not go and get an estimate on your own to see if it is or not before you loss your bonus (because yes.. you will lose it)

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    That i think is windscreen cover. It will be cheeaper for you to get a window from a salvge yard and get it fitted or even do it yourself.

    Source(s): Ex mechanic
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    No. It would be better, and probably cheaper if you could pay for the damage without going thorough your insurance.

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