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what happens to every one after harry potter and the deathly hallows?

and i got another question who else thinks that emma watson (the girl who plays hermione in the movies) is 13 just so u people know...i loove her shes pretty smart thoughtful nice and i love her



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    From what I remember:

    - Fred Weasley gets killed in the end in "The Battle of Hogwarts"

    - George Weasley's ear gets cut off, but he lives

    - Harry lives and kills Voldemort. He marries Ginny, and has three kids with her: Albus, James and Lily.

    - Hermione and Ron live, and they have two kids: Rose and Hugo

    - Dobby dies

    - The Creevey brothers die

    - Fluer marries Bill

    - Voldemort dies

    - Bellatrix dies

    - Snape dies

    - Tonks and Lupin die

    The part about Harry, Ron and Hermione and their kids is mentioned in the epilogue. I'm not sure if that is's just from what I can get from the top of my head. I read the seventh book around in the summer...I'd have to read it a few more times in order for everything to sink in. About your other question...I'm a girl, so I can't exactly say that I "like" Emma Watson as a boy would. However, I do admire Hermione Granger because of her smartness, kindness and also because of her strong passion for house-elf rights.

    Hope this helps!


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    Do you mean in the book? There is an epilogue at the end of the book that explains what happens to most of the characters. Some other information can be found out by J.K Rowling interviews.

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    You should read the epilogue for sure! I think Emma Watson is very pretty. She gets prettier in each movie.

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    So I take it you didn't read the epilogue? Read that.

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    or join J.K. Rowling's fan site!

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    WTF! Do u her or like Emma? Anyway....what do u mean by what happens to everyone after harry potter and the deathly hollows? They act in another thing? IDK?

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