How do I activate my built-in web cam on my laptop?

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I have looked everywhere in 'Control Panel' and can't find how to activate my web cam.Help!!
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It needs to be activated to work? Depending on the laptop, you should see a program for it in your programs list. Look through your programs and you should see an option there to turn it on and adjust your settings.
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  • muffer_3 answered 6 years ago
    Look for a program called Quickplayer, if it isn't there, I'm very sorry.
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  • rufus answered 1 month ago
    activate webcam
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  • junglejungle answered 6 years ago
    see if there is software listed in the programs off the start menu

    open up you IM software..e.g. msn

    there is a webcam setup tool in that you can use =)


    www thehowtoguides org
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  • ❀swe3tie✿ answered 6 years ago
    depends on what laptop u are using.

    i use Sony, i just click START then click Sony Camera Utility..
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