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Humour me What is the stupidest thing you have said in front of the inlaws/girlfriends parents?

Just getting back from the inlaws for Christmas, and oh my Lord was my sister-in-law in rare form (way too much booze)

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    i said to my boyfriends parents

    (bit over weight)

    i had a few drinks im guessing a few drinks 2 many

    and after eating christmas lunch his mother had food on her chin (double chin) and i said yyou have something on your chin, she rubbed her chin and said is it off?

    i then accidently blurted out



    l think he is gonna break up with me but i dont fully care because next time i go there i will be pretty nervous...


    ♥ chag996 xxx

  • Anonymous
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    believe it or not i was way sober both times i said the dumbest things ever. my father in law is a Sr. and my Husband is a Jr. and i asked him what his middle name was. then one day i asked them what it was like to be alive when abe lincoln was president. there are plenty more but i think that's enough embarrestment for one night.

  • chilly
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    1 decade ago

    my ex told my parents over dinner that he once stole a street sign and used it to "clean up" a guy who pissed him off.

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    trust me, never say anything about how your last girlfriend went crazy and tried to kill someone because of you

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