Gamecube playing in Black & White?

I thought that I would try and conect my UK Pal Gamecube to my 24" HD LCD monitor. I connected the analogue componet cables to the ports in the monitor. However when I turned on the screen it was in blurry B&W! I sse there is a digital AV out on the Gamecube, is there some sort of digital cable that I can connect to the monitor that I can play in better colour quality? Thanks.

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  • Jingwa
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    1 decade ago
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    1> You have a pal gamecube, is the LCD also pal? because there is something called NTSC.

    Anyways if u put both together, you get black and white screen or some other jolly effects, either way both must be pal or set to pal to function, you should check your lcd if it has a option in the menu, probably under video/display option, possibly country ( not langauge), if the lcd is pal or set to pal and u still have the problem... also having a dvd-recorder/vcr in the loop which may not be pal or set to pal = same problem, make sure just the lcd and gamecube are hooked directly if so. Also many products auto detect and can misdetect causing the prob, assume a non standard item eg your gamecube is NTSC and switch to it, instead of pal, again u will need to go into the option and take it of auto and put it on manually to "pal".

    2> Conections = number 1 problem for image problems, million ways tp to conect crap to ya tv's, its a headache seriously, most quality diferences arent the conection, but the quality of the unit and etc in the loop casuing the degrade, rather then type of conection AV and up = superb, which is everything besdies RF conection.

    Now most bloody LCD's plasmas have a frig load of conection, not 1 type alone, 1 major problem is 2 types of conection use identicle sockets and sometimes confuses people, not to mention inputs/outputs may be poorly marked with indents in black plastic...bloody designers i swear, anyways, u will need to double check your conections.

    Inputs = anything named "input" anything with a arrow pointing towards it rather then away from it, anything say "in" u get the idea because it makes bloody sense...most the time :P.

    Colors = well u normaly ahve ya standard AV's for ya "yellow" "red" "white" colored input/outputs, alsoways go colo to color, yellow is video, rest is audio.

    more colors= "blue" "green" "red" i think, this is called your bullshit color conections, same sockets as your above, just diferent colors, they are all video exciting, the all combine to prudice true colo, remove 1...u get color if u pluged ya lets say "yellow" into 1 of those by mistakes = **** picture. either way color to color again.

    scart = suck balls, but u cant really screw them up, they screw up without u doing anything, bin them!

    most other methods are to unique to plug in wrong, its just the ones above mentioned, if your leads your usin arent color coded, u can try switching them around, u wont kill your tv, make sure the volume is turned down incase u plug into your audio which will make a very loud buzzing noise, bad for speakers if u have volume up, remove plugs imediatly, video sockets if u get no pich, assume its audio u pluged into it then.

    3> Selection = MAKE SURE U AHVE THE CIRECT INPUT SELECTED ON THE FRONT OF YA TV! yes u can get picture when slecting the wrong inputs, some inputs are multi functional ahev multifunctional settinsg in your menu's because the designers were sooo smart.... either way double check.

    4> try another bloody input with diferent leads if possible, your lcd should have more then 1 input, normally 2-3...although some models and brands are very idiotic in how they give 1 normal input and chuck in 50 bullshit inputs nobody will use except at your local sci-fi convention.

    5> is your lcd a Tv lcd or a pc lcd? tv lcd, above should reactify your issues at some lvl, PC/multifunctional lcd well thats another ball game, but if it has the sockets...ud assume it work right :).

    Anyways have fun, i wont bother talking about other conection, because this covers what your curently using far as i can tell :).

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    try to un plug the yellow/red/white av cables from the tv and gamecube and plug them back in tight if that doesn't work try a different tv and if that fails buy new cables there pretty cheap i got them for like 10$

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Its a simple retuning matter. You have two picture settings for any input, one in monochrome or black and white and the other is the full colour picture. Manually re-tune the monitor and hey presto stunning picture. It happens quite a lot on new equipment being introduced to previously held settings.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That could be possible. You could go to any best buy,circuit city, or game stop and ask what there might be to help or you just need to get an american gamecube.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    back when i was playing the gamecube, it was in black and white.

    i dont really have an answer for you, but its christmas so eat some fruitcake or somehting.

  • 1 decade ago

    we had this happen you may have to experiment with different plugs in different jacks, we ended up with one in each different section

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