conservatives using the best defense is offense tactic by branding the public media and Hollywood as liberal?

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i keep hearing republicans saying that the public media and Hollywood is liberal while it has kept America away from seeing the whole picture!

how liberal is a message when it keeps blaming the individual for all social ills?

what percentage of the media covers the other dimensions of the whole picture ie; blame the society and touch on class conflict, etc. even if they are excuses and not the problem, etc.?

how could the elite miss controlling such an important tool?

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    1 decade ago
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    Sorry I'm late.

    First of all giving Noam Chomsky as your proof is just like me presenting Ann Coulter to prove a Conservative talking point.

    Noam is a well known leftist propagandist, I give his logic no more weight than you would give Annie.

    But lets break it down anyway.

    Noam's whole argument is that corporations control media and therefore must be conservative. This is an utter fallcy.

    There is nothing conservative about corporations.

    Conservatives believe in the free-market, Corporations hate the free market. They want to stiffle competition, a hallmark of a free market. They want to limit wages and increase income for the limited amount of corporate officers, that is completely anti-free-martket. If they could get away with it they would completely outsource labor and employee no Americans paying substandard wages. That is not Conservative.

    Conservatives strive for less government control of the individual. Corporations ARE essentially governments controlling individuals. Conservatives do support business but that doesn't equate to supporting corporate entities.

    The two arguments people use to support the claim that Conservatives are pro-corporation are that they a) like money and b) the current Republican's are pro-corporation.

    First, who doesn't like money? Hillary Clinton loves money, John Kerry loves money, Ted Kennedy loves money, Noam Chomsky writes books because he loves money. George Soros really loves money and so do Conservatives.

    Second, those who think the majority of the Republican party are Conservative are not bright enough to participate in this debate. George W. Bush, the biggest pro-corporation President next to Bill Clinton is one of the least Conservative Presidents we have ever had. One could argue successfully that President Clinton was more conservative.

    Its obvious that the mainstream media has a leftist bent, Democrat candidates get far more screen time than Conservative, most of this country don't know who Ron Paul or Duncan Hunter are and these are the only truly conservative candidates running. Giuliani is a leftist in wolf's clothing, Romney and Huckabee are religious fundamantalists, that is not conservative.

    The media runs endless stories on Global Warming and Socialized medicine, hallmarks of leftist ideology.

    The argument is nonsensical. The Corporate elite don't care about right and left except for the precepts of each which give them more control over the individual. Chomsky says this himself. Its all about control. Well leftist politics is all about control of the individual not conservative. And don't give me the religious right BS, just because they have conservative values does not make them proponents of the conservative ideal of government. Global Warming is about control of man, welfare is about control of man, socialized healthcare is about control of man. All of these ideas are meant to have a central government controlling the masses. None of these equate to Conservative ideology.

    If the corporations really wanted a right-wing bent then their mouthpieces wouldn't be Katie Couric and Dan Rather and Wolf Blitzer and Keith Olberman and John Stewart and Stephen Colbert(who openly mocks neocons) and the frickin view and the rest of them. What Conservative would have given Rosie O'Donnell a forum to spout her leftist inanity?

    You guys don't seem to understand what Conservatives are really about.

    The core of Conservative ideology is less governmental intrusion into individual lives. You guys try to pass off Liberal politics as equal to American leftism and its not even close. Blaming the individual for societal ills is exactly socialism. The government nanny state can better take care of you than you can take care of yourselves, you need government to teach your kids to provide you with healthcare to keep you from destroying the planet. This what Conservatives fight against and Leftists embrace.

    Man I could go on forever but I probably should cut it off.

  • 1 decade ago

    Most of the Media are liberal, because reporters are out there in the public, do stories about the working families, get a good look at what is reality in this country. The Media Ownership, however, is not liberal. Huge Corporations own our media, since Bush took office and the rules have been changed about monopolies, and now, we hear the news they want us to hear. If you will notice, there is hardly any news about Iraq....only that things are "absolutely wonderful" there.

    Conservatives brand the Media as liberal and they brand Hollywood as liberal......until they find a movie star who wants to run for Governor or President. Then they become fawning fans!

  • Shinji
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    1 decade ago

    They did not miss controlling such an important tool. They have programmed the vast majority of society to wear labels and take a pill for their problems. And proudly wear them you all do, and many take antianxiety drugs, headache pills, antidepressants and so on. This is by design for the express purpose of creating division and distracting focus away from the "man behind the curtain" and their agendas. How many of us would actually have the mental faculty to change this if we were not "doped" my the media and the FDA? Feeling duped yet? When we take the time to focus on the real truth instead of on the labels society is wearing we might actually get something done around here. I can guarantee you they have a pill for every label out there... they created the labels, and the pills. PT Barnum once said "There is a sucker born every minute".

  • 1 decade ago

    Was it Walter Cronkite and "liberal media" that finally brought an end to the blood bath in Viet Nam? Was it "liberal media" that finally ended McCarthy's witch hunts and black lists? If yes, then I say hooray for "liberal media" and let's have a lot more of it.

    The corporate owned, supported, and controlled media is NEVER going to be able to do REAL journalism, because in so many of the problems that beset the average American, corporatism is a large contributing factor. Why do you think TV tell us that GM is falling because it is a victim of union demands rather than of exorbitant executive perks and exectutive decisions based on manipulating the stock market (or sheer stupidity) rather than on building a better product?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yep exactly, that's a great video.

    The Liberal Media myth is a propaganda tool employed by conservative radio hosts, columnists and pundits as a convenient excuse why after 20 years their ideology has failed to convince the public at large, and as a memetic inocculation of the public against the evidence that the media bias is in fact a conservative one.

    Not only does the liberal media claim have no basis in fact, it also does not make sense considering the issues of media ownership and influence of advertisers. Most media outlets are owned by a handful of conservative corporations and individuals, and funded by usually economically conservative advertisers who have no need for an educated, alert, independent and critical citizenry. What they need is a dumb, bored, cynical and apathetic public that has abandoned all critical faculties and is easily distracted by celebrity gossip and mindless sports games. A public that will believe anything it is told, or nothing at all, which amounts to the same end result. This pro-corporate conservative bias of the media is well-documented and shows itself in consistent under-reporting or ignoring of any information that would lead people to question the fundamental status quo.

  • 1 decade ago

    There is no doubt that the vast majority of people in the entertainment field are liberals. Since most of the news outlets have become entertainment based programs rather than objective news reporting programs, it's only makes sense that the liberal folks have taken over the area as well.

    What I find so odd is that the news media is owned by a handful of conservatively operated corporations who hire the liberal lot to put on the show.

  • 1 decade ago

    Sadly, we have veered away from the old meaning of the words-Liberal-Conservative with Neocons and Neolibs. I am not sure that this evolution was natural. Leo Strauss' distrust of the electorate has been distilled into the Neocons thinking that voters are half wits.

    I am not sure in today's terms what the Conservatives want to conserve or the Liberals want to liberalize. Common sense would negate both and render them obsolete as they truly are.

    Please, do not compare Coulter to Chomsky. How could you? Have you ever looked at Chomsky's CV and credentials? When Coulter engages in sophist witticisms, Chomsky analyses rational syllogisms.

  • 1 decade ago

    They are not all liberal and I don't know how people can say they all are when we have at least one running for president on the republican ticket.

    A couple of others off the top of my head are Barbra Streisand and Chuck Norris.

    Fox is well known in the media for leaning to the right and oh my goodness who does not know Rush Limbaugh.

  • 1 decade ago

    The main stream media in the US are managed and staffed by left wing liberal loonies. I am a conservative. At age 63, I have enough experience to state this, unequivocally.

    Most of the political loud mouths in the entertainment industry are left wing liberal loonies. I have seen it with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears. They call Hollywood "LaLa" land for good reason. Those people deal in make believe, both on and off the job.

    Your English grammar is less than perfect. I really don't understand what point you are trying to make.

  • 1 decade ago

    Mass Media was liberal by design, and will stay that way via the First Amendment.

    You just deal with it, because without the liberal sides getting their view across (even though they dominate), you could start to slip in a totalitarian style of censorship.

    My advice, watch both and formulate your own view points, because no one source is truly un-biased. I listen to Talk Radio during work (overtly conservative) then flip between MSNBC and CNN at night (overtly liberal). I tend to side most with Glenn Beck (Conservative on Liberal CNN Headline News), but still enjoy Hannity, O'Reilly, and Limbaugh. I can't stand Keith Oberman(spelled wrong, but don't care) and Chris Mathews

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