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Isn't voting for the BNP an insult to those brave men who fought against Nazism in WW2?

Many men fought and lost their lives defending our little island against fascism and the Nazis, just so that some ungrateful people here could vote them in?

It's kind of disgusting when you think about it.


And for anyone thinking that they are not Nazis: Do your research. Read their manifestos and read up on their leadership and history. They are Nazis.

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    It is an insult to most of them. But not all.

    The BNP are a bunch of Nazi's advocating similar policies. Also, there are many amongst the BNP who deny the existence of the holocaust. http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/worldwars/genocide/de... The BNP are honest about one issue. Or rather were. That is the restriction of our right to vote. You used to be able to read it on the BNP website, but they have taken it down. However, you can download the BNP manifesto http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/vote_2005/f... and read it for yourself.

    Next, not all troops who fought were from the UK. http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/worldwars/wwtwo/colon... Many were from the colonies, and there were volunteers from other countries including the USA (before the US was forced into world war II) who took up the fight against the Nazi's including Germans fighting on our side http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml;jsessio...

    Yes, there are some veterans who vote BNP. Most do not. So yes, voting BNP is an insult to most of those who fought against the Nazi's.

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    Voting for the BNP is an insult to decency. By voting BNP one would be validating and condoning random violence against ethnic minorities.

    Let's not get too pious about those who died in World War 2 - they fought against a threat, not an ideology. Many would turn in their graves at the thought of a British Nazi Party having any credence in UK, some would have hated having non-whites in UK and would have denied the parallels between the BNP and Hitler's Nazis, supporting the BNP's brand of racism.

    They weren't some sort of conscripted International Brigade dedicated to fighting fascism, they were just ordinary blokes, with the strengths and failings you'd expect.

    No group around today can claim to speak for them, and any attempt to say "these brave men would support this party" is ignorant.

    Redmonk has chosen to forget the many non-whites (in Redmonk's world, non-whites can't be Native Britons) who fought alongside the white British troops and gave their lives for the UK.

    His repetition of 'the Listening Party' epithet for the BNP is a lie of Goebbelsian proportions - he's the only one that calls them that. And if Brown tries to call the Labour Party that, he's as big a liar.

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    You are right many Native Britain's did lose their lives fighting to protect our society. Before 1939 there simply were no large communities of ethnic groups so they certainly were not worried about ethnic cleansing and the demise of the British way of life. I feel it would be very different now.

    The BNP are a political party with real concerns with Immigration and our entry into a European Super State.The same concerns that the average Guy on the Street have, unlike the Dictator or Cameron the BNP are listening to the people and are now affectionately called the 'Listening Party' the people's choice. By the way the dictator is now trying to muscle in on the peoples choice by calling New Labour the 'Listening Party'. I think those brave men you talk about would be fully behind the BNP.

    ATB Red

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    No it is not an insult, I think they would be more insulted at Labour voters for allowing Tony and Gordon to sell us off and be assimilated into the very thing they fought against, a European Superstate.

    They fought against a fascist European dictatorship intent on creating a European Superstate. Now what do we have? a European Superstate ran by facsist European dictators-in-suits.

    And the best of all Gordie signed us over without a bullet being fired.

    All of their lives were in vain. They fought to make a difference, now Hitler and Mussolini will be laughing from beyond their graves. After 60 years they finally got what they wanted, all thanks to the liberal left.

    In WW2 they fought for freedom, we don't have much of that now and who is in power?? not the BNP thats for sure. Those people who fought for our freedom's would be feeling betrayed right now by our treacherous politicians and spineless populous.

    PS The BNP are not Nazi's go and do some real research you plank. Not the research you read about in The Gaurdian, the BBC or your leftie get-togethers.

    Source(s): A non-BNP voter.
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    For a start the BNP are not Nazis, fact. Secondly, who are you to speak for an entire generation which I'm guessing you are not a part of. From my personal experience every older person I talk to is always complaining about immigrants. Here's a question for you, what about the people who fought in the war that vote BNP or are members. I think they are much more qualified to say if it's insulting than you.

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    No because then is then, now is now. Isn't it an insult to having laws glossed over Britain by some European wine drinking idiot?? And the fact that we can just go ahead and let as many people in as the government wishes!! You can't ask questions like those to get a true answer!! Time changes- as does everything!! I don't support BNP nor do i support immigration either!!

    If anything, the BNP supports the armed forces out of all parties.

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    Well I'm not sure. My father fought in World War II - he was a Desert Rat - and he was fiercely patriotic and also disliked large scale immigration (you should have heard him on the subject, he'd make some of the posters on this board seem meek and mild in comparision! He could be very racist when he wanted to be) I'm sure if he was alive today he would agree with an awful lot of what the BNP have to say.

    But generally, yes they do resemble the Nazis a little bit too much for comfort. I wouldn't vote for them.

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    I am about to be very brave and tell you what my real thoughts on this are .

    The BNP in it's purest form is not a bad party, I would have totally agreed with you a few months ago before someone actually MADE ME read their policies ! Yes, it took some persuasion for me to have a look as I thought the same as you !

    I have so much admiration for all those brave men and women who died trying to secure a free future for us all ! They fought for our freedom of speech, our freedom to be who we want to be, our freedom to run our nation in a fair and just way !

    Before I get any abuse may I please ask you to think about what is happening in our country right now under the Labour government ?

    We have NO freedom of speech, we have no equal rights and as an English person I feel like a stranger in my own country !

    My kids have been turned away from a local school as the places were offered to immigrants, I pay tax but my kid had to go on a 2 year waiting list for a specialist , and once we eventually got to the hospital, hardly any of the other patients spoke English ( clearly all immigrants ) , my kid had to pay £ 85 for guitar lessons at school while the kids of immigrants and the lazy..ermm..I mean unemployed got those same lessons for £ 25 ....

    Would that happen under the BNP ? They so no, it would not happen !

    They are not racists , but they believe in looking after their own FIRST and help others with whatever is left over .

    In all seriousness , do you think that the British government looking after the British interests firtst would be an insult to all those brave men ? I think the real insult is how the country is being ran today !

    I wouldn't vote for the BNP , nor am I racist in any way, shape or form but there are some things out there that are seriously wrong . The Labour government is disgusting in my eyes and the real insult to all those who fought in WW2 !

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    Only one real answer......Its the winds of change...

    If you compare how America has changed from the 50's to today, there's less patriotism, more Polical Correctness, little stress of good character or values or morales, but more emphasis on being successful.

    People think they are special, they care more about themselves than thier fellow man...or thier country. They take it all for granted assuming it will be thier tomorrow. And anyone that know's history and is old enough to have lived in society can see this as the simple truth.

    I'm not saying good people don't exist, I'm just saying they are more rare today as they were before. Its a trend I don't like, and if that has happened in America, the last super power, the one that use to be well known as a morale and Christian nation, then how more likely anywhere else ?

    Funny how the concerns of each generation remain largely the same, but how they go about dealing with it change. The worse generation and most costly one America has had statistically was the anti-war libs of the 60s. It really messed America up and although I won't blame then entirely for the fall of our society to what its become today, they were an acceleration agent for it.

    Case and point.... You want God in the schools..they turn into a furry of hate against you and preach about thier rights to not have it. no one forced them to participate. But say you don't want illegals in your country which have been proven to weigh on the economy and increase crime (generally) along with alot of ill effects too numberous to list.....now your just labelled a hater and prejudice.

    Funny how people will use the same basic principles to condemn those they don't agree with but then use it to support thier own activies.

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    They have tried their best to clean up their image in the last few years in order to be popular with the general public, but their agenda is very racist even if it does not seem apparent now it would definitely become apparent if they were ever to gain power.

    You only need to look at at the type of people it attracts to see what the real agenda is, if Hitler had told the general public what his real plans were, then I really don't think that he would have gained power, BNP'S underlying real policies are based on the same theme, a bullshit theory of patriotism but at the heart of it all racial hatred.

    A government like this is not what Britain needs, yes we do need a stonger government to control immigration better than we are doing now but not in the hands of radical idiots waiting to show their true colour, anyone who believes that they are not all bad are being fooled, just as the German public were back in the nineteen thirties.

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